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Here, you’ll find ways to keep in touch, recent announcements and a variety of frequently asked questions.

If there is any additional information on housing or the residential experience you feel should be included here, we would love to hear from you! You can submit your thoughts or feedback via the form located on this page.

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  • Can my student loft my bed?

    The only beds that come with a lofting option are located in are South, Angelou, Magnolia, Dogwood, and Polo Halls. We do not provide lofts or allow lofts in any other buildings.

    Students in other residence halls are permitted to use bed risers up to 18″ tall. Risers (heavy plastic) are available at places like Bed Bath & Beyond or Amazon.

    Risers should not be used with lofted or bunked beds for safety reasons.

  • How can my student report an issue with his or her room?

    Students can submit repair requests for their room, bathroom, apartment, or house, by calling facilities and campus services directly at 336.758.4255.

    Maintenance crews work in and around the residence halls performing repairs and preventative maintenance tasks between 9:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday-Friday.

    After-hours maintenance and custodial crews are available to handle emergency issues. Facilities and campus staff members do not clean student rooms, assist in room set-up or take down, or remove or store University furniture or personal property.

  • What size mattresses are in your residence halls?

    The majority of of the residence hall mattresses at Wake Forest are made to fit “extra long” twin sheet sets, which can be purchased at many retailers.

    Upperclassmen living in apartment-style housing should check the page for their community to confirm what size mattress is included with their housing.

  • What sort of laundry facilities are available for my student?

    Laundry machines are located in each residence hall; please see the Laundry Facilities page for additional details. 

    In addition, Wake Wash, an independent student-run entrepreneurial venture, can provide door-to-door laundry and dry cleaning service to on-campus students.

  • Is there a linen service for fresh sheets or towels?

    There is no formal linen service.

    Wake Wash, an independent student-run entrepreneurial venture, can provide door-to-door laundry and dry cleaning service to on-campus students.

  • Will my student have cable? A phone line?

    Information about streaming, cable and other multimedia offerings on-campus is available on the Information Systems web site.

    All residence hall rooms are equipped with the capability for VoIP technology. Students needing local phone service and voicemail in their residence hall room may request a VoIP phone by contacting Residence Life and Housing after their arrival on campus at 336.758.5185 or Note: There are additional charges associated with telephone service.

  • What should my student do if they suspect they have mold in their room?

    Students can access information about reporting suspected mold here.

    Wake Forest strives year-round to make the student residential experience a good one and our commitment in that regard will remain strong.

    As part of our protocol, if mold is found, prompt steps are taken to remove it and provide information to the student that can help reduce the chances of its return.

    The following article on the Parents’ Page web site provides additional information and a Q&A section.


  • Is on campus housing guaranteed for students for all four years? How many years are students required to live on campus?

    Wake Forest has a six-semester residency requirement and is committed to providing housing for eight semesters for students in good standing.

    Students are required to live on campus for three years in campus housing unless they live with their Parent/Guardian at their permanent residence in Forsyth County or a contiguous county.

  • Can first-year (freshmen) students choose their own roommate?

    First-year students cannot select their own roommates or residence halls.

    Roommates are matched based on the information each student provides on the housing agreement.

    This gives our students a unique opportunity to get to know others that they may not otherwise engage with, but share an array of commonalities with from a lifestyle/value perspective.  We have found this method to be extremely effective.

  • What is ‘Round 2’ of Housing Selection?

    In the room selection process for the upcoming fall, some rising upperclassmen students are not able to select a room—either because we temporarily do not have a full list of remaining space or they do not have a roommate to fill the available rooms to capacity.

    In these cases, students go through Round 2 of housing selection over the summer. We conduct this process during the summer to allow rooms to open up due to changes in students’ housing plans. The housing guarantee and the three-year residency requirement remain in effect.

  • When and how will my current (not first-year) student choose a residence hall and roommate?

    Refer to our Housing Selection webpage for information about room selection for continuing students.

    Students can also call our office or talk to their RAs if they have questions.

  • If a student wants to move off-campus, what does he/she have to do?

    Remember that students are required to fulfill the six-semester residency requirement to live in university housing (unless they live with their parent or guardian at their permanent residence in Forsyth County or a contiguous county.  For most, this means they become eligible to move off-campus for their senior year.

    Students who have completed their three years of residency (rising seniors) can consult the University’s off-campus housing page for information and requirements.

    Rising juniors who would be interested in moving off-campus early are welcome to enter the off-campus lottery, which allows students to enter for the chance to be randomly selected to be released early from the residency requirement. Students will receive information each semester about lottery deadlines and details.

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  • What if my first year student has a conflict with his/her roommate or wants to change rooms?

    If there is a roommate conflict, the first step is to talk to his/her roommate and try to work it out.

    Each first year student is encouraged to complete a roommate agreement worksheet, where both roommates sit down to talk about setting rules for the room. By jointly setting those expectations – and renegotiating when needed – students can solve a lot of their issues on their own; the Resident Adviser (RA) can also help mediate issues.

    Room changes during the academic semesters are overseen by the Community Director for your area of campus. There is also a potential to switch rooms at certain times of the semester if others also want to switch and there is availability.

  • What is open during breaks (Spring Break, Thanksgiving, etc.)?

    In general, our breaks webpage goes into detail as to what you and your students can expect from our office during each of the major breaks in an academic year. 

    Alongside the department of Campus Life, we will post information about any changes to our hours ahead of any break.

    Dining services may be limited on campus, so students should review the posted hours and plan accordingly to dine off campus or have food in their rooms/shared kitchens.

  • What should I encourage my student do to prepare for break?

    Please see information on breaks and closing procedures.

  • Do I have any shipping or storage options between each year?

    Storage Scholars is an official moving and storage partner of Wake Forest University, founded and operated by students on-campus since 2017.

    How the service works:

    1. Storage Scholars distributes packing supplies on campus for FREE.
    2. Student’s using the service pack their items up, take photos of everything, upload photos to their account, lock it in their room, and go home! No need to wait around for movers, well handle the moving in a completely contactless manner.
    3. Once final exams end and the campus is vacant, student employees arrive to pick up the items and move them into an insured, temperature-controlled storage facility near campus.
    4. When students return to school, their belongings will be ready and waiting for them in their new room!

    Learn more  on their website.

  • How are communities secured?

    Key card access buildings – such as residence halls – are locked 24 hours a day.

    Students have access to enter all residence halls between 7 a.m. and midnight through the use of their ID cards. However, only residents of that particular building/suite have access between midnight and 7 a.m.