Student Employment

The Residence Life and Housing office employs many undergraduate and graduate students in a number of positions. Undergraduate students (sophomores, juniors, and seniors) may be qualified to apply for resident adviser positions (approximately 100 positions) or Residence Life and Housing office assistant positions (approximately three to five positions). Graduate students may qualify to apply for graduate hall director positions (approximately 12 positions) as well as graduate assistant positions for the Residence Life and Housing office.

Below are potential employment opportunities within Residence Life and Housing. If you are interested in one of these positions, click to obtain details about applying for that position.

Graduate Assistant Positions

The Office Residence Life and Housing offers several different assistantships, each of which carries a different set of responsibilities, for Wake Forest graduate students.

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Undergraduate Student Positions

Resident Adviser

Resident Advisers (RA) are paraprofessionals and student-leaders who live and work in the residential spaces. RAs are assigned to traditional residence halls, suite style complexes, or apartment buildings. Each RA resides on a floor, or in an area, with a group of 15 to 65 residents. The RA position places a high value on relationships and integrity. It requires flexibility, commitment, and resilience, as well as strong administrative skills. The specific qualifications, requirements and responsibilities for the Resident Adviser position are outlined below.

Theme Program Assistant

Each Theme House will have a student leader (Theme Program Assistant) who lives within the Theme to coordinate programming initiatives and complete program requirements with their faculty/staff adviser. It is the responsibility of each Theme to identify an individual who will serve in this capacity. Theme Program Assistants are paid for the academic year in two installments – once each semester.

Summer Positions

Resident Advisers and Graduate Assistant positions are available each year for the Summer Sessions. The number and availability of these positions will vary each year.