Resident Adviser

Applications are now being accepted and will be reviewed on a rolling basis for vacancies for the Fall 2019 and Spring 2020 semesters. 

Resident Advisers (RA) are paraprofessionals and student-leaders who live and work in the residential communities. RAs are assigned to traditional residence halls, suite style complexes, or apartment buildings. Each RA resides on a floor, or in an area, with a group of 15 to 65 residents. The RA position places a high value on relationships and integrity. It requires flexibility, commitment, and resilience, as well as strong administrative skills. The specific qualifications, requirements and responsibilities for the Resident Adviser position are outlined below.

Resident Adviser Selection Timeline for 2019-20

  • Applications are now being accepted and will be reviewed on a rolling basis for vacancies for the Fall 2019 and Spring 2020 semesters. 

How to Apply


  • For assistance with the online application process, please reference our step-by-step guide.
  • What You'll Gain

    Resident Advisers working in Residence Life and Housing will gain:

    1. Greater confidence in working with diverse groups of people
    2. Daily leadership opportunities in a supportive environment
    3. The ability to articulate University goals and values
    4. Skills for working with fellow staff members in a team setting
    5. A sense of accountability and commitment to important responsibilities
    6. Time management and organizational skills
    7. The opportunity to exercise creativity in the use of resources
    8. Greater awareness of on-campus offices and events
    9. Strategies and skills for managing crises
    10. Opportunities to serve as a mentor and be mentored
    11. The ability to apply the RA experience in vocational and professional settings
  • Compensation
    • Resident Advisers receive a room at a reduced rate. That room is typically a single, unless housing shortages requires the assignment of a roommate. 
    • All academic year long Resident Advisers receive a 10-month stipend payment to be divided into bi-weekly payments. The stipend payment is prorated and the number of payments decreases if the hire date is after August 1.
      • New RAs receive a stipend amount of $5,122.
      • Returning RAs receive a stipend amount of $5,422.

RA Job Responsibilities

  • Qualifications
    • Strong administrative and relationship building skills.
    • Ability to handle multiple tasks and competing deadlines.
    • At the time of employment, must have lived on campus at Wake Forest University for two semesters.
    • Minimum cumulative GPA of 2.50 at the time of application and throughout the assistantship.
    • Full-time student status (12-18 credit hours).
    • In good standing with the University at time of application and acceptance of the assistantship as well as throughout assistantship including no disciplinary sanctions pending or currently in effect.
    • RA candidates cannot have had any alcohol related sanctions within one year prior to the start of the RA application period.
    • Note: Due to the nature of this position, possible lifting and physical activity may be required at times.
  • Terms of Employment

    The Resident Adviser position is a one year commitment (or may be limited to one academic semester depending on need and availability of position(s). Reappointment for additional academic years or summers is not guaranteed, but may be available based upon performance and the successful completion of all applications, satisfactory supervisory recommendation and interviews are required for returning staff.

    Resident Advisers are students first and must maintain balance while serving in the position. The RA position is the RA’s principal non-academic activity.  Extra-curricular activities should not conflict with the time needed to perform effectively as an RA throughout the entire year.  The RA is expected to be available and accessible to students on the floor throughout the year.

  • On Campus Housing Policy
    • The RA must reside in the residence hall room assigned by the Office of Residence Life and Housing. If a RA leaves the position or is terminated he/she must move out of the assigned room within 72 hours.
  • Training
    • RAs are required to work the full duration of employment, as outlined here and in other important dates listed by the Office of Residence Life and Housing.
    • RAs must report to campus two weeks prior to classes starting for training and opening.
    • Failure to attend training and opening will result in the Resident Adviser position being rescinded for the Academic Year.
    • All RAs are required to complete the online Pre-Training program, attend the RA fall and spring training programs, and all required In-Services as designated in the RA Employment
  • RA Class
    • All Resident Advisers must register for, complete, and pass CNS 353: College Student Development during the first fall semester of employment.
    • Failure to register for, successfully complete (with a C or better), or pass the class will result in termination of employment.
    • If the class is dropped by the RA during the drop/add period (or at any other point before successful completion) it will result in immediate termination from the RA position.
    • Spring Only RAs will be required to complete CNS 353 the following fall if rehired.
  • Academic Hours

    The Resident Adviser position is the Resident Adviser’s principal non-academic activity. Extracurricular activities should not conflict with the time needed to perform effectively as a Resident Adviser throughout the entire year. The Resident Adviser is expected to be available and accessible to students on the floor throughout the year.

  • Work Hours & Weekends/On Call Periods
    • RAs will work an average of 25 hours per week for the RA position, and may not hold a second part-time job without prior approval for their supervisor and the Assistant Director of Residence Life. RAs may not work more than 29 total hours for the university. Any additional employment is limited to no more than 9 hours.
    • RAs are key partners in the social, co-curricular, and academic engagement opportunities provided by RL&H. RAs also serve in an on-call capacity, responding to student crises and emergencies. This position will be expected to work nights and weekends as scheduled. RAs may not be away from campus for extended periods of time and must seek prior permission of their GHD and/or RLC before taking time away.
  • Additional Requirements
    • RAs must maintain good academic and disciplinary standing with the University throughout the duration of employment. Good standing includes no active sanction or disciplinary probation with Housing and Residence Life, the Dean of Students office, or Undergraduate programs.  RAs are also expected to uphold, enforce, and abide by all university policies and regulations.
    • RAs are considered mandatory reporters under Title IX and the Clery Act.
    • RAs are expected to abide by, enforce, and report all violations of University policies, local, state, and federal laws and regulations.
    • RAs must follow the ethical principles of acting with integrity, dignity, and competence as outlined in the ACUHO-I housing professional guidelines.
    • The performance of the Resident Adviser is always under continuous evaluation as to maintain the highest standards. The following may result in disciplinary sanctions, including but not limited to, verbal or written warning, withholding of partial or full pay, suspension, probation, or termination:
      • Failure to meet any of the qualifications, requirements, responsibilities, listed in this agreement or specified by the Graduate Hall Director (GHD)and Residence Life and Housing Professional Staff.
      • Any unprofessional or unethical action.
      • Any action in direct conflict with the policies outlined in the Wake Forest Student Code of Conduct, Guide to Community Living, and the Residence Life and Housing Staff Manual

For additional information:

Residence Education
Phone: 336.758.5185