Housing and Dining Accommodations

Disability-Related Housing or Dining Accommodations

Wake Forest University views living on-campus as integral to a liberal arts education and the Wake Forest experience. As such, the University has a six-semester resident requirement. In support of students with disabilities, the Office of Residence Life and Housing has a wide variety of housing and dining options on-campus which can accommodate the vast majority of disability needs.

  • Students who would like to request a disability-related accommodation must submit a completed Request for Disability-Related Accommodations in Housing or Dining form. In addition, a Documentation for Disability-Related Accommodations in Housing or Dining form must be completed and submitted by your licensed, clinical professional or health care provider.
    • Students requesting a service or emotional support animal should visit rlh.wfu.edu/sa_esa.
  • Decisions regarding requests for accommodations can be made only after appropriate documentation of the disability and supporting information has been received by the deadlines provided below.
  • Requests for accommodations are reviewed on a case-by-case basis and receipt of the necessary documentation does not guarantee that the accommodations will be granted. The diagnosis of a medical condition in and of itself does not automatically qualify a student for accommodations.
    • In determining the reasonableness of an accommodation, the Housing Accommodation Request Committee (HARC) may not grant a specific request by a student if the HARC determines that there is an equally effective alternative available or if it would impose an undue administrative or financial burden on the University.  Appropriate options may be suggested as alternatives to the requested accommodations.  For example, a single room may not be approved if the accommodation can be provided in another appropriate way.  Requests for single rooms due to the need for a quieter, distraction-reduced study space often can be met by the use of the numerous study sites available on campus
  • Unless noted as a temporary accommodation, an approved accommodation will be provided as long as the student resides in on-campus housing or the student provides notice that an accommodation is no longer needed or that a modification to the accommodation is requested.


  • For the Fall term, current students should provide complete documentation for consideration by February 10th, and incoming students by June 15th.
  • For the Spring term, all students should provide complete documentation for consideration by November 15th.

The request forms MUST be submitted by the stated deadline for consideration by HARC. While registration forms submitted after the stated deadline will be reviewed, approved reasonable accommodations are subject to availability of housing.

Housing Selection Information

  1. A student who is approved for a reasonable housing accommodation will not be eligible to participate in the lottery/room selection process.
    • If a request for a housing accommodation is not granted, the student must participate in the lottery/room selection process (unless the student is otherwise permitted to live off-campus).
  2. Once a request is approved, the student will be notified of their housing assignment and informed of the number of individuals that may be assigned to their living unit. The student should then provide the names of any preferred roommate(s) to the Office of Residence Life and Housing by the designated date.
    • The Office of Residence Life and Housing will then contact the preferred roommate(s) to confirm a reciprocal request.
    • The preferred roommates will not be eligible to participate in the lottery/room selection process if housing is assigned through this process.

Accommodation Request Forms

Completed Documentation for Disability-Related Accommodations in Housing or Dining form should be forwarded to:

Housing Accommodation Request Committee
Wake Forest University
WFU Box 7283
Winston Salem, NC 27109
Fax: 336.758.2455
Email: class@nullwfu.edu

Please Note:

  • Wake Forest University has a number of residential facilities on campus that are of varying configurations and construction ranging from a typical residence hall room with a community bathroom, to suites and apartments which contain private or limited access bathrooms and kitchens as well as different types of HVAC systems.
  • A release from the University’s six-semester on-campus housing requirement is generally not considered a reasonable accommodation. Most housing or dining accommodations can be made among the current residential facilities on campus. The University may deny requests that reflect mere preferences and specific room or roommate assignment requests.
  • Typically, a diagnosis of ADHD or other learning disabilities will not, by themselves, adequately support requests for disability-related housing accommodations.
  • All residence halls are air-conditioned, are non-smoking, and use environmentally friendly, green cleaning supplies. Allergic rhinitis related to outside environmental factors, such as trees, pollen, or grasses, does not typically require housing accommodations.
  • A nutritionist is available to meet with students who have food allergies to educate students on options in the on-campus dining halls and food venues.