Residence Hall Space Reservations

How do I request space?

All reservation requests must be submitted using the online form below at least 72 hours in advance of the event.  All changes/cancellations must be made at least one business day prior to the event. Your reservation is not final until you receive written confirmation from the Office of Residence Life and Housing.

Room Reservation Request »

Please contact the Office of Residence Life and Housing at or 336-758-5185 if you have any problems or questions.

What kind of space is available for me to use?

There are several different types of spaces in the residence halls. Below is a list of the rooms available for use, as well as their locations. Once you open the list of rooms available, click on each space listed to see the floor plans.


Who may request space?

Space may only be reserved by current students, faculty, and staff of Wake Forest University. Rooms may be requested for events that serve a purpose in keeping with the University mission and values. Events may include but are not limited to: study groups, student organization meetings, and social events.

When can I use space in the residence halls?

Rooms may be reserved during the following times:

  • Sunday – Thursday, 10am to midnight
  • Friday – Saturday, noon to 2am

Depending on the type of event, space is limited to room occupancy unless otherwise approved by the Office of Residence Life and Housing.

What are the rules for using the residence hall spaces?

All events must comply with the guidelines set forth in the Guide to Community Living and the Student Code of Conduct. The Office of Residence Life and Housing reserves the right to end an event immediately if University policies are violated. Please refer to these publications for a full look at policies; outlined below are three major policies:

  • Noise: The residential environment is one meant to be supportive of the academic mission and focus of the University. As such, noise or other activities that are excessively loud or bothersome to other people are strictly prohibited at any time, both inside and outside of quiet hours. Quiet hours are the following:
    • Sunday – Thursday quiet hours: 10 p.m. to 8 a.m.
    • Friday and Saturday quiet hours: 2 a.m. to noon
    • Courtesy hours: 24 hours a day/7 days a week
  • Littering: Failure to maintain these areas in their clean, original condition may result in a fine to the organization/student/reserve of space. Please report all facilities concerns immediately to a staff member with the Office of Residence Life and Housing.
  • Alcohol: Alcohol is ONLY permitted in the Independent Student Lounges (Davis, Luter & Magnolia).  Therefore, no alcohol is permitted at any event held in any of the other residence hall spaces. If you wish to host a party as part of a student organization, please contact the Office of Student Engagement for guidelines and details on event registration. Social events held in the Independent Student Lounges must be registered with and approved by the Office of Student Engagement prior to a registration confirmation.

Use of Space

Each area includes furniture and equipment appropriate for the type of room. Furniture may be moved, but it may not be removed from the room or stacked in any way. At the end of the event, the furniture must be returned to its original arrangement. If the room includes media equipment, you must arrange access to the necessary equipment with the community staff. All equipment must be left in its original condition.


You will receive confirmation from our office when your reservation request is approved. Please keep a copy of this confirmation with you during the event. Receipt of this confirmation serves as notification that we have communicated with University Police and the Office of Student Engagement that your event has been approved.