2023-2024 Opening/Closing Dates

The Office of Residence Life and Housing is pleased to share the following dates related to the opening and closing of our residential communities for the 2023-2024 Academic Year. Please note these dates are subject to change.

A full 2023-2024 Academic Calendar will be made available here.

Additional dates from the department will be made available via the Dates & Deadlines section of as they are finalized.

Summer 2023 Dates
  • Sunday, May 21 – Summer Session 1 Move-In
  • Monday, May 22 – Summer Session 1 Begins
  • Friday, June 30 – Summer Session 1 Close
    • Students not continuing for Summer Session 2 must move out by 2 pm
  • Wednesday, July 5 – Summer Session 2 Move-In
  • Thursday, July 6 – Summer Session 2 Begins
  • Saturday, August 12 – Summer Session 2 Close
    • Students not living on campus for Fall 2023 must move out by 2 pm
  • Saturday, August 12 – Transition Day
    • Students living on campus for Fall 2023 will transition to their 2023-24 housing on this day.


Information for Academic Year 2023-24

For those who wish to make travel arrangements now for 2023-24, please see the following dates below. Note: due to the limited time between semesters, we are unable to offer extensions to closing dates and at times may be limited in our ability to honor early arrival requests. We encourage students to consider choosing flexible travel options in the unlikely event that dates change.

Fall 2023 Dates
  • Friday, August 18 or Saturday, August 19 – Pre-Orientation Move-In
    • Check-in will be available from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m
  • Wednesday, August 23 – New Student Move-In
    • Move-In Assistance will be available from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m.
    • Students will receive their suggested move-in windows in July 2023 with their housing assignments. 
  • Thursday, August 24, and Friday, August 25 – Orientation Activities
  • Friday, August 25, and Saturday, August 26 – Continuing Student Move-In
    • Check-in will be available from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. each day
  • Monday, August 28 – Classes Begin
  • Saturday, December 16 – Last Day of Exams
  • Sunday, December 17 – Residence halls close at 2 p.m. for Winter Break (unless approved for Winter Break Housing)
Spring 2024 Dates
  • January 2024
    • Sorority Recruitment (Subject to change)
      • Friday, January 12 – Move-in/return for CURRENT sorority members
        • Students needing to pick up a key and arriving after 4 p.m. must submit our late arrival form.
      • Saturday, January 13:- Move-in/return for potential new members
    • Saturday, January 13
      • 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. – Move-in for students moving on to campus for the first time this academic year
      • 9 a.m. – Residence Halls open for all students to return
  • May 2024
    • Friday, May 10: Final exams end
    • Saturday, May 11: Residence Halls close @ 2 p.m. for non-seniors (unless approved for Interim Housing)
    • Monday, May 20: Commencement
      • Residence Halls close  @ 7 p.m. for seniors and those not approved for Interim Housing

If you have questions or concerns, please contact us at or 336.758.5185.

February 2023 Parent/Family Updates

Spring is (hopefully) just around the corner here on campus, and so is Housing Selection! In this month’s newsletter, we’re covering reminders for Housing Selection next month, RA offers for the 2023-2024 Academic Year, and Spring Break reminders! 

Looking ahead, please make sure your rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors have completed their housing application (available to them via their credentials on the housing portal) and are beginning to plan for housing selection. In completing their housing application (Step 1), they are then able to form roommate groups (Step 2). This is an important piece of the housing selection process. Encourage your students to be thoughtful in their roommate selection, diligent with their group communications, and mindful of housing expectations. This makes for a much smoother experience during housing selection (Step 3). 

Selection will take place March 20-23. Encourage your students to explore our “Find Your Way Home” webpage which includes resources to help them understand the housing selection process. We also highly encourage students to attend one of our Housing Selection Information Sessions (starting the last week of February) to learn more about the process with our Residence Life and Housing staff. We’ve included those dates below for your reference: 

  • Information Session: Tuesday, February 21, 2023 / 5-6 PM / Luter Hall Lobby 
  • Information Session: Wednesday, February 22, 2023 / 5-6 PM / Wellbeing Center Living Room 
  • Table Session: Wednesday, March 01, 2023 / 12-2 PM / Benson, Outside the Food Court (Stop by and ask any questions you have!)
  • Information Session: Thursday, March 2, 2023/ 5-6 PM / Angelou Hall Parlor 


Students who participated in the RA recruitment cycle for the 2023-2024 school year will receive communications regarding offers by the end of February. With a record number of exceptional applicants this year, we could not be more excited about the student leadership that will be present in our communities next year. 

As Spring Break approaches (March 4-12), we encourage a visit to our Breaks and Inspections webpage which includes resources/tips for students leaving campus for the break. We hope everyone enjoys a restful break as we inch toward mid-terms!

Finally, if your student is returning for the 2023-2024 school year, we’re linking our Opening and Closing Dates here. Please reference these dates as you plan your travel for the upcoming year.

Have any questions? We’re available during the week at 336-758-5185 and via email at

March 2023 Parent/Family Updates

We hope your students had a restorative spring break, and that you’ve enjoyed the changing of the seasons from where you reside! This month, we want to layout important dates for the remainder of the semester and some reminders for you around what your student is asked to do as they leave campus for the summer (or stay, for those who may be enrolling in summer courses). 

Students will begin to receive closing information and instructions in early April. The timeline for their departure alongside finals is covered in a few key dates below:

  • Wednesday, April 26:  Last day of class; 24/7 Quiet Hours start in all communities
  • Friday, May 5: Final exams end 
  • Saturday, May 6: Residence Halls close @ 2 p.m. for non-seniors (unless approved for Interim Housing) 
  • Monday, May 15: Commencement
    • Residence Halls close  @ 7 p.m. for seniors and those not approved for Interim Housing

For those who aren’t familiar, “Interim Housing” is the opportunity for those staying for Summer Session I to utilize a room on campus temporarily should they want to avoid completely moving off-campus and coming back later in May. If your student is interested or planning to attend Summer Session I, pass along the summer school webpage, as this is where they can also sign up for interim housing.

Finally, whether you’re coming to campus to help with the move or talking to your student remotely, encourage them to keep an eye out for the various move-out reminders and instructions we will be providing them throughout the coming month. 

Some key reminders we always recommend reinforcing to avoid fees after leaving are:

    • Fully cleaning and disposing of all items ahead of departure. Rooms should be left empty!
  • Tip: there are garbage, donation and recycling areas in all communities at the end of a semester! They won’t have to go far to properly dispose of anything they aren’t bringing back with them.
    • Check laundry rooms, kitchens and shared bathroom counters.
  • Anything left behind will be donated or removed after May 6, with potential charges for residents.
    • Clear fridges and make sure your key is ready for return.
  • It’s a hectic time of year for students! Thinking ahead may not be top of mind, but making sure you’ve defrosted a fridge (depending on where you live) and haven’t lost your key ahead of move-out will make the check-out process go much smoother and quicker.

Lastly, students are selecting housing for the coming year later this month, and we’re already looking forward to welcoming those returning in the fall. In the meantime, encourage your students to prepare for housing selection, take advantage of programming in their halls and make the most of the final weeks in community.

Should you have any questions for us, we’re available during the week at 336-758-5185 and via email at

April 2023 Parent/Family Updates

Campus is in bloom, and the time to plan for move-out has come! This month, we have some final reminders for you as to what to expect from the move-out process this year, Summer housing, and a welcome to Class of ‘27 parents!

Please review our Move-Out webpage, where you’ll find everything you or your students need in preparation for leaving campus for the summer – as you help them finalize planning, encourage them to review this website to make sure they feel prepared for move-out day. Students will continue to receive reminders from our office and their community staff regarding important move-out information so checking emails regularly is highly encouraged.  

As a reminder, the important dates for closing this year are below:

  • ​​Friday, April 26 – Last day of classes
      • 24 Hour Quiet Hours begin at 5 PM.
  • Friday, May 5 – Final Exams end
  • Saturday, May 6 – Residence Halls close @ 2 p.m. for non-seniors
      • Approved students must transition to Interim Housing by this time. Students must apply and be approved for Interim Housing to stay on campus beyond May 6, at 2 PM. Requests are due by April 26 at 8:30 am.
      • If approved, you must be checked into your Interim Housing assignment by Saturday, May 6 at 12 PM. There is a charge ($15 per night) for students staying in Interim Housing for purposes other than those graduating. 
  • Monday, May 15Commencement
      • Residence Halls close at 7 PM for all students except those approved for continued interim housing.

The application for Summer Housing will be available to students via the Housing Portal starting April 10. You and your student can read more about summer housing offerings on our Summer School page, where you’ll find a full selection timeline as well as a reminder of the key dates for both summer sessions this year.

Finally, we’d like to extend a huge welcome to our incoming students! Class of ’27 parents and families will soon have access to our incoming student website! Check here, in May for information and updates specifically for first-year students.

May 2023 Parent/Family Updates

As one chapter closes for the Class of 2023, another opens for our continuing and incoming students. This month we celebrate our graduating Deacs and turn our attention to key dates for those returning and those coming home to Wake Forest for the first time. 

We want to take the time to congratulate the Class of 2023! For those of you with a student graduating, please know that you and your Deac will always have a home away from home here on campus. 

Of impressive members of the Class of ‘23, we want to give special thanks and congratulations to all of our graduating RA’s and Graduate Staff. We are deeply grateful for their commitment to our communities and the residential experience of our students.

For those of you with incoming students, please note that the Housing and Dining Application, as well as their photo for their Deacon OneCard ID, are all due on June 5th.

The Housing and Dining Application can be accessed via the Housing Portal. (Please note that only your student can access this link, via their ‘’ email address). Students who would like to request a disability-related accommodation should visit our housing and dining accommodations page. Incoming students must submit requests and supporting documentation by July 1. 

Please feel free to continue to reference the Incoming Student page on our website for any questions you may have and to begin to plan for your move this fall. 

Check-In for Summer Session I housing will be this Sunday, May 21 from 12-5 pm in our offices located in Angelou Hall, for those with students moving back to campus. 

Those interested in returning to campus housing for Summer Session II should keep in mind the upcoming dates and deadlines for housing selection:

  • May 22, 2023– Summer Session 1 only and full Summer application and selection closes 
  • June 19, 2023 – Summer Session 2 Only selection opens
  • June 30, 2023– Summer Session 1 Check-out by 2 p.m.
  • July 6, 2023 – Summer Session 2 Only selection and application close

You and your student can find more information on our summer housing website.

We hope that you have a fantastic summer and take time to rest and recharge alongside your student. Please remind your students to stay tuned for communications from our office to their ‘’ email address. As always, Go Deacs!