Closing Information

  • Spring Closing 2018

    Check-Out Process & Timeline

    The last resident to leave campus housing must schedule a check-out appointment with their hall staff and officially check-out of their room prior to departure from campus. The first resident to depart from the room is eligible to participate in Express Check-Out. It’s quick and convenient!

    Students who participate in Express Check-Out should read and understand the expectations and instructions related to the Spring Closing process: when participating in Express Check-Out, students waive their right to appeal should the room and surrounding common areas not be cleaned or returned to the specified standards, or if damages are found during the post-occupancy inspection as stated on either the Room Condition Report, the Spring Closing brochure, and/or other Residence Life and Housing publications. All residents share equal responsibility in preparing the room for check-out, regardless of the departure time for each resident. All students who participate in Express Check-Out acknowledge that if he or she is not the last resident to check-out that all billable damages or housekeeping charges will be paid.

    Thursday, May 3 – Saturday, May 12, 2018

    • Review closing information delivered to residents by the hall staff.
    • Begin to return room to the condition found at check-in.
    • Questions concerning possible room damage or check-out should be referred to your Resident Adviser.
    • Schedule a check-out appointment by following the instructions by your hall staff.  All students need to schedule an appointment at which time you will indicate if you plan to utilize Express or Standard Check-Out.  Appointments must be scheduled no later than Friday, May 4, 2018.

    Friday, May 4  – Saturday, May 12, 2018

    • Undergraduate students check-out of the residence halls. All undergraduates not officially involved with commencement-related activities must vacate their building by 2 p.m., Saturday, May 12.
    • Undergraduates requesting to remain beyond the deadline must complete the 2018 Interim Housing Request through WIN by visiting WIN>Virtual Campus>Residence Life and Housing, by Monday, May 7, 2018 by 8:30 p.m.

    Monday, May 21, 2018

    Seniors and others involved with commencement activities must check-out of their room assignments by 7 p.m. unless approved for interim housing in Collins Hall.

    Thursday, May 31, 2018

    All students living in Interim Housing in Collins Hall must vacate by 2 p.m.

    Helpful Hint: Do not use trash bags to transport your belongings – they may be mistaken as garbage and thrown away.

    • Failure to follow these steps may result in a minimum of a $50.00 Improper Check-Out fine; in addition to any housekeeping or damage charges that may be assessed.
    • Hall staff will inspect resident rooms to determine billable damages after residents have vacated the room. Residents may request housekeeping and room condition inspections to be performed at the time of their departure.
    • All students are expected to clean their room and any surrounding common areas (i.e. bathrooms, suite hallways, living rooms and balconies) prior to vacating their rooms.
    • Remember! Take ALL bulk trash, including bagged trash, to designated areas outside the building(s).

    How to Check Out of Your Room:

    If you are the last resident to depart…you may NOT participate in Express Check-Out! You MUST follow these instructions regarding a check-out appointment and leaving campus housing:

    • If you are the last resident to depart your room, you must have a check-out appointment set with your hall staff according to instructions from your hall staff.
    • Prior to meeting your hall staff for your check-out appointment, please remove all of your personal belongings, clean your room and arrange your furniture (all of the furniture issued to the room) to the same configuration found on check-in day in August.
    • With your room key(s) in hand, meet the hall staff at the hall office for your designated check-out time. Be patient if the hall staff member is completing another check-out, it is a hectic time of year for everyone.
    • You will go with the hall staff member to your room where the staff member will perform the necessary inspections and key check. Once you are cleared for this inspection, you will sign the appropriate paperwork and are free to leave. Billable damage charges will be placed on the DEAC account from the Financial and Accounting Services office after school closes for the summer break.

    If you are not the last resident to depart…you may participate in Express Check-Out. You MUST follow these instructions regarding leaving campus housing:

    • Complete the information on the Express Check-Out envelope that was delivered to you by your Resident Adviser.
    • DROP YOUR KEY(S) INTO THE ENVELOPE AND SEAL IT. (Don’t forget to complete all the information on the front of the envelope.)
    • Place the envelope in the mail slot or designated drop at your hall office.

    Questions & Answers About Closing

    Lost Your Keys?
    If you have lost your key(s) or fail to return your key(s) at check-out, you will be charged for a lock core change and replacement of the key(s). The cost of recoring a lock is a minimum of $75.00.

    Deacs Donate!
    As you are cleaning your room, you are encouraged to donate re-usable decent furniture and clothing to this student-led, non-profit program designed to reduce end-of-the year waste and benefit local charities. Students wishing to donate clothing should look for marked boxes in the lobby areas of residence halls. Take furniture to designated areas. Keep watching in your buildings for more information to be posted!

    Do you have bulk trash items?
    Large items and bagged trash should be taken to one of the following designated trash pick-up areas. You are responsible for removing, from the building, any items in the room that were not present at check-in. You will not be able to leave the items in the hallways, balconies, courtyards, or common areas. Regardless of which type of check-out you participate in, all bulk trash items (which includes bagged trash) must be removed from your room and surrounding common areas and placed in the appropriate Bulk Trash location or an additional housekeeping fine (minimum of $50.00) will be assessed to each resident.

    • Move Out 2018 Bulk Trash and Dumpster Locations by Building (coming soon)
    • Commencement 2018 Bulk Trash and Dumpster Locations by Building (coming soon)

    Summer Storage?
    Summer storage is NOT available in the residence halls or houses. Please contact the Wake Forest Post Office for storage options at 336.758.5281 or

    All MicroFridge® appliances must be cleaned (inside and out, as well as the removal of any stickers or magnets), defrosted and wiped dry. Please leave the MicroFridge® appliance unplugged and the doors open on both parts of the appliance.

    Receive a Bill For Damage?
    Residence Life and Housing will forward billable damage information to Financial and Accounting Services within 12 working days after commencement. Prompt payment once you receive notification from Financial and Accounting Services is requested to avoid a hold being placed on your record for registration, room check-in for the fall term, Off-Campus Housing approval or transcript release. If you feel that you have been issued a bill incorrectly, and you did not participate in the Express Check-Out process, you may appeal the bill, in writing, within 30 days of receipt of the bill to Residence Life and Housing, Please include your name, room number and building; as well as, your reason for appeal.

    Additional Questions?

    See your hall staff or contact Residence Life and Housing via e-mail at or telephone at 336.758.5185.

  • Closing for Residents of Davis, Taylor, Efird, and NCA Buildings 6 and 9 ONLY

    If You Do Not Need Housing Beyond May 12, 2018, at 2:00 p.m.

    Please be sure to follow all instructions regarding our closing process provided by your hall staff, check out of your room and return in your keys prior to 2:00 pm on Saturday, May 12, 2018.

    In order for us to plan accordingly, we would ask that you please email us at if you do not need housing beyond May 12, 2018, at 2:00 p.m.

    If You Need Housing After May 12, 2018

    If you will need to be on campus beyond May 12, 2018, you will need to move to interim housing located in Collins Hall.  Please be sure that you complete the 2018 Interim Housing Request available April 2, 2018, through WIN>Virtual Campus>Residence Life and Housing, by May 7, 2018, at 8:30 a.m.

    Additional information will be sent in the coming weeks to seniors and others officially involved in commencement regarding your transition.

    Prior to May 12, 2018, you should follow all instructions provided by the hall staff regarding the closing process.  You will need to check out of your current assignment and turn in your keys prior to 2:00 p.m. on Saturday, May 12, 2018.

    As these dates get closer, we will send you further communication regarding check-in and check-out for your interim housing room.

    If you have questions regarding closing for Davis, Taylor, Efird, or NCA Buildings 6 and 9 please contact the Office of Residence Life and Housing at or call 336.758.5185.

  • Summer School 2018

    Students who wish to live on campus for summer school will need to request housing through WIN.  Rooms are assigned first-come, first-served based on availability.  Preferences are not guaranteed.  If you have questions regarding Summer School room assignments, contact Kristy Eanes, Assignments Coordinator or call 336.758.5185.

    • Summer Session 1
      • Check-In Date – Tuesday, May 29, 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. – check-in at Poteat Residence Hall
      • Check-Out Date – Tuesday, July 3, by 7:00 p.m. – check out of Poteat Residence Hall
    • Summer Session 2
      • Check-In Date – Sunday, July 8, 12:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. – check-in at Poteat Residence Hall
      • Check-Out Date – Saturday, August 11 by 7:00 p.m. – check out of Poteat Residence Hall
    • Students reserving the same room for both sessions will not be required to move out between summer sessions.
  • Winter Break

    Winter Break Information

    The dates for the closing and opening of Residence Halls for Winter Break are published each year. The Residence Halls will close at 9 a.m. on the closing date and reopen at 9 a.m. on the opening date.

    All residents must vacate their rooms for the entire break period. All residence halls, apartments and houses will be closed and locked throughout the entire Winter Break period. Students will not be permitted back into their rooms during the break period, for any reason.

    Why Can’t I Stay Longer?
    Due to safety and security reasons, we are unable to remain open during the Winter Break. Students will not be permitted to remain in their rooms for any portion of the break. In addition, students will not be permitted back into their rooms to retrieve forgotten items, feed fish, or for any other reason.

    What Should I Take With Me?
    University personnel will not be available to give you entrance back and forth into your room over the break. You should:

    • Take anything of value with you as an absolute precaution against theft and damage.
    • Take any belongings you may need over the break such as books or CDs, skis, medication, checkbook, passport, plane tickets, clothing, jewelry, etc.

    CAUTION: When packing your vehicle for departure, keep your room and car doors locked between loads to prevent theft.

    Holiday Tips

    Christmas Trees
    Live trees and other live decorations are prohibited in the residence halls, apartments and houses. Artificial trees and decorations may be used as long as they are fire retardant and are placed away from radiators, fan coil units, kitchens, lamps, or other heat sources.

    All holiday lighting and wiring must be undamaged and labeled Underwriters Laboratory (UL) approved. Tree lights should be plugged into a single outlet. Lights may only be placed on the inside of room window(s) using electrical tape. Do not hang lights using staples, nails, or tacks. Outside lights are permitted on balconies and decks as long as they are plugged into a ground fault interrupt (GFI) device. No additional holes may be placed in the building to hang lights and Facilities Management will inspect all light structures for safety. Inside lights should be unplugged whenever residents leave the room and should not be left on overnight. Candles, incense, and other open flame items are never permitted in campus housing.

    Other Decorations
    Other holiday decorations may be placed on bulletin boards and room doors. Decorations should not be placed near radiators, fan coil units, kitchens, or other heat sources. All decorations used should be made of nonflammable materials, such as foil, metal ornaments, artificial wreaths, and flame retardant paper. Corridor walls, elevators, and fire exits should not be decorated.


    If you do not live in WFU housing, you must leave your vehicle at your resident location (house or apartment).

    Residence Hall and Freshman Students 
    If you are leaving your vehicle during break, you must park in Lot W2, R2 or R3. (Refer to the map provided at the link below) If you have freshman or satellite parking decals, please do not bring your vehicle on campus to park for break until you are physically leaving campus. This will prevent parking issues for those who are continuing to take their final exams. Your vehicle MUST be returned to freshman parking or satellite lots by the published date.

    Loading/Packing Your Vehicle
    If you are driving home and need to load your vehicle, you must follow these directions:

    • Pack your items prior to parking your vehicle to load.
    • Legally park in a parking space, use your headlights and emergency blinkers while loading your vehicle. Cars parked more than one hour will be ticketed.
    • Do not park in fire lanes, handicapped or other reserved spaces or you may be ticketed or towed.

    Frequenting Campus During Break
    During the break (dates to be published) all satellite registered students who will be frequenting campus to work, study, etc. can park their vehicles in student lots for the duration of time needed to do so. (Including Law and MBA students who are completing final exams) Do not illegally park in Faculty/Staff, Visitor or Reserved Spaces. Your vehicle MUST be back in the satellite parking areas by the published date.

    As a reminder, Wake Forest is not responsible for any loss of or damage to your vehicle or its contents.

    WFU Parking Map

    Winter Break Closing Checklist

    Residents, please complete prior to departing campus for Winter Break.

    • Close and lock all windows.
    • Unplug all electrical items (including fish tanks, surge protectors, alarm clocks and computer/ printer) from wall outlets.
    • Move personal property off the floor. This could help avoid loss or damage if there is an unforeseen facility issue.
    • Move all personal belongings and furniture away from air conditioner/heater unit. Filters will be changed during break. Personal belongings must not impede reasonable access to the air conditioner/heater units. Items should be moved at least 36 inches from fan coil unit.
    • Set all Fan Coil Units to 70°. Turn fan to low. Do not turn fan coil units off.
    • Empty all trash and recyclable items from your room and common areas.
    • Store food in closed containers. Remove perishables. Pest control may take place in residences over break.
    • Take bicycles home or store in your room.
    • Take all valuables, computers, books, money, medication, clothing, jewelry, etc., home with you as a protection against theft or damage.
    • Pull blinds down if you are on a ground floor or your window faces the balcony/breezeway. Leave shades completely up if you are on an upper floor and your window does not face the balcony/breezeway.
    • Please remove ALL items from bathrooms and building common area kitchens. This will allow custodians to thoroughly clean these areas and avoid any potential accidental breakage or removal of the items.
    • Remove all food, including condiments from common area refrigerators and freezers. This includes Polo and Martin halls, Student Apartments, North Campus Apartments, and Polo Road houses. Do not turn the common area refrigerators off. They will be defrosted and cleaned over the break.
    • Defrost and unplug personal room refrigerators and leave refrigerator and freezer doors open. Microfridge® Appliances should be cleaned and defrosted prior to departing campus for break. Allow yourself time to clean up the defrosted water.
    • Turn off all lights and lock your door. Take your keys and student ID card with you.

    Failure to comply with the items on the checklist may result in a minimum improper checkout charge of $50.00 and/or referral to the University’s student conduct process.

    Entry and Room Inspection Policy

    During the break, Residence Life and Housing staff will enter your room to make sure the checklist expectations are met.

    Before leaving for break, students must complete all items listed on the Winter Break Closing Checklist. For safety reasons, Residence Hall Staff will be inspecting rooms to ensure all items have been completed. Inspections will begin once the halls have closed (or when students have completely vacated their room and notified their hall staff) and will occur in all student rooms. Fines may result for students who do not complete all items on the checklist. Maintenance staff may also be entering rooms during the break to complete work requests or perform preventative maintenance.

    Spring Sorority Recruitment

    Women participating in Sorority Recruitment in January, arrangements will be made to allow for your early return to campus housing.

    Please visit Fraternity & Sorority Life for more information.


    See your hall staff or contact Residence Life and Housing via e-mail at or telephone at 336.758.5185.