Housing Costs & Considerations

The Office of Residence Life and Housing provides facilities, programs, and services that support the academic mission of the University, encourage community responsibility, and prepare undergraduate students for life beyond Wake Forest University. Please thoroughly review the following information for important details related to student rates and requirements for your housing needs.


  • Housing Rates for 2019-20

    Housing Rates for 2019-20

    • Deacon Place rooms = $5,749 per semester
      All rooms at Deacon Place are single rooms with private bath. 
    • Single rooms and apartment rooms = $5,694 per semester
      Includes all residence hall singles, all Polo and Martin rooms, and all apartments (including apartment doubles)
    • Double rooms = $4,780 per semester
      Excluding apartment doubles – see above
    • Triple rooms = $4,247 per semester

    To participate in housing selection, you must pay your $500 tuition deposit. This deposit is not a housing deposit; however, it (along with any outstanding housing-related bills) must be paid to prevent loss of any housing assignment selected during the housing selection process.

    Loss of the assignment for failure to pay your deposit does not release you from your Housing and Dining Agreement.

  • Housing Rates for Summer 2019

    Housing Rates for Summer 2019

    • Single rooms = $1,044 per session
    • Double rooms = $712 per session
  • Housing and Dining Agreement for 2019-2020

    Housing Agreement

    A. University Obligations

    1. The assigned room will be available to the student from the date the student is expected to report to campus, until 24 hours after the student’s final academic examination for the spring semester or after termination of student status. A graduating student may delay vacating the room until 7 p.m. on Commencement day.
    2. In the event of mechanical difficulty (air conditioning, heat, hot water, and other equipment), interruptions of electrical power or water service, or other disasters, the University will make reasonable efforts to restore service and/or secure alternative housing. However, there shall be no reduction in residence hall charges due to such failure(s) in the event the University is able to provide alternative housing.

    B. Student Obligations

    The student will:

    1. Use the room as their residence during the applicable academic year in accordance with this agreement.
    2. Exercise reasonable care in the use of the room and the facilities of the residence halls, and know and abide by all University rules and regulations pertaining to the residence halls, whether such regulations are now in effect or will be enacted in the future.
    3. Student agrees to indemnify, defend and save harmless WFU from and against any and all liability for bodily injury or for damage to property belonging to student, his/her agents, servants or invitees while a resident of a residence hall under this agreement, provided that Student’s obligation hereunder shall not apply to the extent that any such liability is in the result of the gross negligence or willful misconduct of WFU, its agents, servants, employees or invitees.
    4. Reimburse the University the cost of replacement or repair for any damage to the room, its fixtures or appurtenances, and a pro rata share for damages to commonly-used property when the identity of persons responsible cannot be reasonably determined.
    5. Pay applicable room and board charges for both semesters in accordance with the requirements of the University.

    C. Refund Policy

    1. The University will refund a portion of the student’s payments according to the University Tuition and Fees Refund Policy, Schedule of Adjustments for Withdrawal or Continuous Enrollment for the following reasons:
      • the student graduates;
      • the student officially withdraws from the University;
      • the student is granted continuous enrollment status.
    2. Any change in status for the reasons above will result in a termination of the housing agreement and the student will no longer be permitted to reside in the residence halls.
    3. A student must submit, in writing, a petition to be released from the requirement to live in on-campus housing to the Office of Residence Life & Housing. Such petitions are evaluated on a case-by-case basis, and typically are granted for compelling reasons only.
    4. If it is determined by the University that the student’s health renders group living hazardous to the student or others, the University may terminate this agreement upon Notice to the student. The University will make a pro rata refund of the housing fee paid.
    5. If the student is suspended from the University or removed from University housing as a result of a conduct proceeding, the student will not be entitled to a refund of room and board charges paid.
    6. If a student, who is currently enrolled, breaches the Housing Agreement by not occupying the assigned room or by vacating the room prior to the end of the spring term as specified in section A.1, the student is obligated to pay all housing charges for both semesters.

    D. General Conditions

    1. The University reserves all rights in connection with the assignment and reassignment of rooms. Additionally, any student whose actions are found by the University to be in violation of University policies, including, but not limited to, the Student Code of Conduct and the Guide to Community Living may be required to withdraw from the housing assigned without further University obligation and without a refund of room and board charges paid.
    2. If a student is assigned a room for the next academic year and is academically ineligible to continue at the end of the first summer session immediately preceding, the room assignment will be canceled. If the student attends the second summer session and is permitted to return in the fall, the student may request placement on a waiting list, but housing is not guaranteed.
    3. If a student is dismissed or suspended from the University and/or on-campus housing as a result of a conduct sanction, policy violation, or other incident, that student will not be eligible to participate in any phase of the housing assignments process until the University has granted readmit student status and the student is otherwise in good standing with the University.
    4. In the event a student is assigned housing after the fall semester has begun, this agreement will be effective as of the date of the assignment and will remain in effect for the remainder of the academic year.
    5. The University is not responsible for the loss or damage to items of personal property of the student in residence halls or on its grounds before, during, or subsequent to the period of the agreement.
    6. The student grants permission for the entry and inspection of the assigned room by any authorized University personnel or agent according to policies in the current Student Handbook or Residence Life and Housing publications. Purposes for which entry and inspection may occur include, but are not limited to, completion of work requests or the repair and/or maintenance of the facility, inspection for fire and safety violations, and to enforce University policies and regulations including, but not limited to, alcohol and drug violations.