Deacon Place Community Staff Photo
2019-20 Deacon Place Community Staff
Bike Rack in the courtyard of Deacon Place Apartment Complex
Exterior Photo at Deacon Place Apartments
Blooms outside of a building at Deacon Place apartments
Building 4 at Deacon Place
Roof of clubhouse at Deacon Place

Deacon Place, a residential apartment complex, accommodates students in 10 buildings with both one-level and townhome-style units. Each unit includes bedrooms with private bathrooms, a living room and a kitchen. Units range from 1,500 to 1,800 square feet and are fully furnished. Deacon Place also has a clubhouse with a study room and fitness center, as well as open outdoor spaces.

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For immediate assistance during business hours, please contact the Office of Residence Life and Housing at 336.758.5185. If there is an emergency or for after-hours assistance, please contact Wake Forest University Police at336.758.5911



Long Drive
Winston-Salem, NC 27106

Style: Apartment
Gender: Coed
Capacity: 328

Floor Plans

Room Details

  • Average Room Dimensions: 15′ L X11′ W X 8′ H
  • Closet Dimensions: 3′ 5″ X 2′ 3″ X 7′ 10″
  • Window Size: 3′ X 4′ 6″, Blinds
  • Floor Covering: Tile, Gray carpet, laminate 
  • Wall Color: Off-White
  • Multi-port Wireless Access Point: One
  • Electrical Outlets: 3-4
  • Heating & Air: Central
  • MicroFridge®: One Per Room – There are no MicroFridges — only one full-size refrigerator in the kitchen that serves 4 students
  • Sinks in Room: Most – Each of the 4 bedrooms in DP has a private attached full bath with a sink/toilet/shower combo

Hall Details

  • Year Built: 2017
  • Capacity: 328
  • Fire Safety: Smoke Detectors, Sprinkler System, Alarms
  • Hall Staff: 8
  • Amenities: Clubhouse, Outdoor Spaces, Study Room, Fitness Center

Hall Staff

Community Director:

  • Ashley Walker

Graduate Hall Director:

  • Austin “Tolby”  Tolbert

Resident Advisers:

  • Wesley Alexander
  • Pietro Bertone
  • Ameen Faizi
  • Ali Morton
  • Kiki Sabilla
  • Maya Sowells

    Deacon Place FAQs

  • How do I sign in to my WiFi Network?
    1. First, turn on your device’s WiFi and select youraddress@Deacon_Place in the list of available networks.
    2. Please enter the passphrase provided.
  • What if I can't connect to WiFi?
    1. First, make sure WiFi on your device is turned on.
    2. Next,  make sure you select the youraddress@Deacon_Place in the list of available networks.
      • If you don’t see this network, you might be too far away from the signal source.  If you have only one or two bars, you may also need to move closer to the signal source.
  • How can my guests connect to WiFi?
    Your guests can connect to Spectrum Community Solutions WiFi by selecting “deaconwifi2017” in the list of available WiFi networks.  No password is required.
    • Guests will be required to accept Terms and Conditions to connect.
    • Guest Network is primarily for basic social media and email.
  • Can I use a VPN on my WiFi?
    Spectrum Community Solutions does not provide a VPN option but if you have VPN from your school or company, the WiFi will accommodate it.
  • What if I forget my username and password or need other help with the WiFi?
    1. Contact for username and password
    2. For issues with WiFi service, please call Spectrum Customer Support at (855)895-5302 anytime, day or night.
      • If you are calling Customer Support for assistance, please have the MAC address for your device ready.
      • If you do not know how to retrieve your MAC address, Customer Support will walk you through this process.
  • Is the WiFi network secure?
    Yes. When you sign into Youraddress@Deacon_Place only devices you register with your credentials will be authenticated and authorized to use the network.  Devices in your personal group will be able to communicate with each other, but no other user on the network will be able to “see” your devices.
  • Is there a certain version of WiFi that my devices must use?
    The WiFi equipment installed in your unit utilizes the 802.11a/b/g/n on both the 2.4Ghz and 5GHz bands.  While your devices will connect and run regardless of what version of WiFi they use, the fastest speeds will be obtained with those devices that also have 802.11n capability.