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Theme Houses

Road Houses (formerly Polo Road Houses) are reserved for Theme Housing, which is a program established to promote a direct link between residential, academic and extracurricular life for students at Wake Forest University. It is designed to provide students who have common educational endeavors or common extracurricular interests the opportunity to live together in campus housing. By focusing on a specific area of residential living, Theme Housing can profoundly impact the experiences of our students on campus. A Theme Housing program increases students’ opportunities to pool resources and learn from each other and has proven to be an effective living/learning tool.

More Information about theme housing.

Location Current Theme
1109 Polo Road Interfaith House
1115 Polo Road Service House
1125 Polo Road Sustainability House
1145 Polo Road Ahuva House
1157 Polo Road Crew House
Magnolia Residence Hall Wesley House
1210 Polo Road Wake Radio House
109-111 Rosedale Circle Anthony Aston Players