First and foremost, from all of us here in Residence Life and Housing, Happy New Year! We hope January is off to a fantastic start for you and your Deac. This month, we’re highlighting the 2024 Spring semester with important dates and info for students to pencil into their calendars, including Housing Selection for the 24-25 academic year. 

The housing application opens on January 22 for current students. It’s the first step students will take in the housing selection process. They’ll update their student profile, contact and emergency info, privacy preferences, etc. It’s important that students complete this information as soon as possible, as they’ll need this step completed to continue in the housing selection process, and completing this step ahead of time allows students to think proactively about the next steps. 

The application offers the opportunity for students to start thinking early about their living plans for next year according to their class year and, therefore, residency requirements. For rising sophomores, this is a chance to start thinking early about creating roommate groups and exploring spaces they may want to live in. Rising juniors who may want to move off-campus ahead of fulfilling the University’s residency requirement can enter the Off-campus Lottery as part of the application. Rising seniors who wish to remain in on-campus housing next year can use the application to inform our office of their intent to stay versus move off-campus. Please note that while we encourage students to plan ahead, students planning to move off-campus before senior year should not sign leases and/or finalize plans until lottery outcomes have been released on February 23. 

Please encourage your students to think thoughtfully about their housing selection process and consider their plans for the upcoming school year. Whether it’s updating a disability-related accommodation request or exploring off-campus housing options for the first time, we want to ensure students feel confident in their housing decisions and are prepared to meet deadlines when they arise. Our office is here to help plan and answer any questions that may occur as each student thinks through their options.

You can find an abbreviated timeline for the 24-25 Housing Selection process below. We’ll be sharing more information with students in the coming months!

  •  January 2024
    • January 22
      • Details released regarding Theme Housing and Student Organization block processes 
      • 2024-25 Academic Year Housing Application Opens, including the Off-Campus Lottery and Senior Intent
  • February 2024
    • February 12
      • Residential Engagement Community applications and block requests are due.
      • Deadline for entering Off-Campus Lottery; outcomes will be communicated by February 23
      • Deadline for seniors to express interest in living on campus
    • February 28
      • Deadline to submit disability-related accommodation requests and supporting documents  
  • March 2024 
    • March 25-28: Housing Selection for the 2024-25 Academic Year
      • March 25-Selection for Seniors 
      • March 26- Selection for Juniors 
      • March 27-Selection Pause 
      • March 28- Selection for Sophomores 

For a full breakdown of all important dates and steps in the process, visit 24-25 Housing Selection for Current Students. Note: this page will be updated as needed throughout the Spring semester with important information and updates for housing selection. 

While we encourage preparation for next year’s housing, we also encourage students to be mindful of their current on-campus housing assignments. If students have questions or concerns regarding their current assignment as they return to campus (issues with a new or returning roommate, newfound concerns, etc.), we encourage them to contact their community directors for guidance and utilize the resources available to them.

Lastly, though it may feel far off now, we’ve included our closing dates below for your reference as you plan any necessary travel.

  • Friday, May 10- Last Day of Exams 
  • Saturday, May 11: Residential communities close @ 2 p.m. for those not involved with commencement (unless approved for Interim Housing)
  • Monday, May 20: Commencement- Residential communities close at 7 p.m. for all students except those approved for continued Interim Housing. 

Opening and closing dates for the 2024-2025 Academic Year are also live! We encourage students to consider these dates as they prepare travel arrangements and, where possible to choose flexible travel options. 

Have questions? Send us an email at or give us a call at 336-758-5185 during business hours.

We are so excited to have our Deacs back in community and look forward to all the Spring semester has to offer!