Housing Selection FAQ

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  • Where do I select housing?

    To participate in the the housing selection process, students must first update their profile information and electronically agree to the Housing and Dining Agreement in the Housing Portal

  • What do I need to know ahead of my first time selecting housing?

    Room selection is an online process, which takes place over the course of several days. The amount of housing credits (previous semesters spent in on-campus housing) determines your selection date and time.

    Information regarding room selection will be sent to you via email each year. We will walk you through the process!

  • What should I plan for ahead of selection?

    Think about what is more important: where you live or who you live with.

    The likelihood of getting one or the other is higher than if you are trying for both.

    We recommend having a plan A, B and C.

  • What information do I need at selection time?

    You should review the Room Type Availability List close to your selection day, and make sure you’ve created a back-up plan. You will need access to the housing portal, as well as the information about your group, if you are selecting as the group leader.

  • How should I make a backup plan (for 4 people, for example)?

    Start with two double rooms and think about building up from there.  Create a list of additional people that can join your block.  Add someone and create a five-person block.  If there are no five-person blocks available, add another person and create a six-person block, etc.  You could also divide up into two doubles if there are no larger blocks available.



  • What if I make a mistake during selection?

    It happens!  Come to the Help Desk in Angelou Residence Hall and we will see what we can do.

    • On a case-by-case basis during housing selection, the Office of Residence Life and Housing may allow a student to delete an active assignment and select again if an error or mistake was made in the selection process. If you selected as a group, the entire group’s assignments will be deleted and the entire group will need to reselect their housing.
    • Under no circumstances will a student who selects for a group of residents during General Room Selection be allowed to change rooms between General Room Selection and the Fall Semester. The earliest opportunity for a room change for those students is the Room Change process over Winter Break.
      • Unapproved room changes may result in a fine, return to the original assignment and loss of opportunity to move during the room thaw process.
  • What if I don’t find a space during selection?

    There is a second round of the room selection process which occurs during the middle of the summer each year.  All students who are required to live in campus housing, but do not select during the first round of housing selection, are automatically placed on the list to select during the second round. Again, this is a normal part of our assignments process and occurs each year.

    During the summer, rooms open up across campus for a number of reasons, including when students decide to go abroad or transfer. After allowing time for these changes to be processed, unused spaces are made available in our second round of housing selection. Students on the list for the second round will receive an email with a selection day to go online and select at that time.

  • What if there’s no one I want to live with?

    You will not be able to choose one space in a double room.  You can select any available single or wait until Second Round Selection in the summer.  There will be a wide range of spaces across campus, which will all be segmented into doubles and singles by this point.

  • How can I see what’s available on my selection day?

    Lists of types of available spaces will be posted on the Residence life and Housing website approximately one week prior to room selection.  Specific Room numbers are not provided, but instead the building and room type like the example below. This list will be updated in real time, usually on a delay of ~15 minutes.


  • How do I get a disability-related accommodation?

    Wake Forest University views living on-campus as integral to a liberal arts education and the Wake Forest experience. As such, the University has a six-semester resident requirement.

    In support of students with disabilities, the Office of Residence Life and Housing has a wide variety of housing and dining options on-campus which can accommodate the vast majority of disability needs. For more information, please refer to our Housing/Dining Accommodations page.

  • I have a disability-related accommodation – can I still live with friends?

    Once a request for an accommodation is approved by the Housing Accommodation Review Committee (HARC), the student will be notified of their housing assignment and informed of the number of individuals that may be assigned to their living unit.

    The student should then provide the names of any preferred roommate(s) to the Office of Residence Life and Housing by the designated date.

  • I’m going to live in a Residential Engagement Community – how do I select?

    The Program Assistants will each turn in a roster for all students living in their Residential Engagement Community.  The week before General Room Selection, those students will sign up for their place in that community.



  • I’m studying abroad in the fall – what should I do for selection?

    Students studying abroad during the Fall Semester will NOT select housing during Housing Selection for the full yrear. Instead, students abroad for the Fall Semester will be required to select their housing for the Spring Semester online in December.

    • In Mid-December, you will be required to electronically self-select your actual spring room and meal plan.
    • An e-mail from the Office of Residence Life and Housing will be sent to your WFU e-mail account with log-on times and instructions on self-selecting your spring room and meal plan.
    • Wake Forest University views living on campus as integral to a liberal arts education and the Wake Forest experience.  In support of that view, Wake Forest University has a six-semester residency requirement; your semester abroad will count as one semester towards this requirement. You will be expected to return to on-campus housing upon your return to the University.
  • I’m studying abroad in the spring – what should I do for selection?

    Students planning to study abroad during the Spring Semester should proceed with General Room Selection for the Fall Semester. During the Fall Semester, these students should notify the Office of Residence Life and Housing by visiting the Housing Portal > Room Change and selecting the appropriate reason.

    During the spring semester, these students will be able to participate in General Room Selection for the following fall from abroad.

  • I’m studying abroad in the summer – what should I do for selection?

    Studying abroad in the Summer will not affect your room selection process, as you will be on campus for both Fall and Spring semesters.