Request To Return To Housing

The sections below explain options for students wishing to return to housing based upon a desire to:

  • Request housing after a semester has begun
  • Return to housing after re-admittance to the University
  • Return to housing as a non-resident student
  • Remain in housing as a continuing fifth-year student
  • After A Semester Has Begun

    Students wishing to seek University housing after the first day of classes may submit a request to the University. If approved, students will be charged a pro rata amount beginning on their approved move-in date.

  • Re-Admitted Students

    If you are being re-admitted to the University and are seeking on-campus residency for the coming semester, you will need to email to begin the process. If space remains after students guaranteed housing are assigned, you will be contacted by the Office of Residence Life and Housing.

  • Non-Resident Students

    Explained below are the three housing options available to students classified as Non-Resident, thus not guaranteed housing.

    Non-Resident Waitlist for On-Campus Housing

    Non-Resident students are not guaranteed campus housing and may not participate in the General Room Selection process. To be considered for campus housing, you will need to email to begin the process. If space is, or becomes, available after all resident students – who are guaranteed housing – are assigned, students from the Non-Resident Student Waitlist will be offered housing on a first-come, first-serve basis. Typically, it is unlikely that non-resident students will be contacted about vacancies prior to late summer or the beginning of the fall semester.

    Petition for Status Change

    As a Non-Resident Student, you may petition to have your status changed to that of Resident student. This change would then afford you guaranteed campus housing. To qualify for a status change, you must meet the following criteria set by the Board of Trustees:

    • Two full semesters at Wake Forest University (excluding summer school);
    • A minimum of a 3.0 cumulative grade point average. Concession students must have a minimum of a 2.0 cumulative grade point average; and
    • Be in good standing with the University, i.e., have no outstanding judicial or honor violations, no outstanding overdue bills, etc.

    To petition for a status change, please submit a written request to the Office of Residence Life and Housing at

    The deadline for your petition to be submitted in writing to the Office of Residence Life and Housing is 5 PM on the last Friday in February. All requests will be reviewed and a written response will be emailed to you within two weeks. Students who plan to petition for a status change are still encouraged to submit a request for housing to be placed on the Non-Resident Student Waitlist to ensure their best chance for campus housing in the event that their petition is denied.

    Off-Campus Housing

    All Non-Resident Students planning to live off-campus are reminded that they must register an approved off-campus address. For more please review our Off-Campus Policies and Procedures.

  • Continuing Students

    The University’s commitment to providing eight semesters of on-campus housing is for residential students in good standing who pay their tuition deposit by the published deadline each semester.

    To request housing for a fifth academic year, please reach out directly to to discuss options.