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Student Apartments

Allen Easley St.
Winston-Salem, NC 27106
 Map Floor Plans

Student Apartments are located in the North Residential Hall community. Arranged in an apartment complex setting, Student Apartments accommodate 110 upperclass co-ed students. Each apartment contains a living room, kitchen, two single occupancy bedrooms, and one bathroom. The courtyard serves as a convenient location for the North Area Sundry Shop.

The Hall Office for the North Campus and Student Apartments Community is located in the community lounge located in North Campus Apartments Building # 5.

Room Details*

  • Average Room Dimensions: 9' 3"L X 8' W X 8' H
  • Closet Dimensions: 4' X 2' X 8'
  • Window Size: 2' 3" X 4' 2", Blinds
  • Floor Covering: Wood, Brown
  • Wall Color: Off-White
  • Telephone Jacks: One Per Room
  • Multi-port Wireless Access Point: One
  • Electrical Outlets: 2-3
  • Heating & Air: Individual
  • Sinks in Room: No
  • Year Built: 1956 / Updated - 2013
  • Capacity: 110
  • Fire Safety: Smoke Detectors, Sprinkler System, Alarms
  • Hall Advisers: 3
  • Amenities: North Area Sundry Shop

Hall Director: Morgan Wehrkamp, Office Extension

Resident Advisers

* The measurements for the items listed above are general in order to help create a visual image of the rooms.
It must be noted that every room is unique and varies in dimensions, sometimes greatly.