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If you have questions, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions.

During general room selection April 7-11, there will be a Help Desk in Luter Residence Hall lobby from 8:00 am - 5:00 pm. One of our Residence life and Housing staff will be available to answer your questions.

You Should Know

Information Sessions will be held March 19 and 20 at 8:00 pm, 8:45 pm, and 9:30 pm in the Annenberg Forum in Carswell Hall. Selection times will be available March 24 and you can set up your Pull-in PIN information starting March 25. Learn about selection times, log on schedules and over assignment situations.

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Room Change

Students have an opportunity to change room assignments and/or meal plans for the spring semester. Students who are leaving Wake Forest University for any reason must officially request to terminate campus housing and dining membership and consequently not incur charges for the spring semester. Those students studying abroad during the fall semester will select on campus housing and a meal plan for the spring semester in December. If you have an on campus assignment and wish to petition to be released to live off campus, please read the Off Campus Housing Policy closely.


Changing Room Assignments

Some students want to make a room change for the spring semester. Because of mid-year graduations and the spring Study Abroad program, many students want to “Pull-In” a new roommate of choice rather than have a randomly assigned student to the room. Students interested in making a change in their current room assignment or roommate should submit a Spring Room Change Request form online by 5:00 pm Friday, November 7, 2014.  Decisions letters will be emailed to WFU email addresses by Tuesday, December 2, 2014.

See Spring Room Change Information here.

Requesting a Single Room

To request a single room, students should complete the appropriate section of the Spring Room Change Request form. Any available single space outside of Theme/Greek Block Housing will be filled in priority number order (based on the same priority number from the Fall Room Selection process during the previous spring semester). Residence Life and Housing will contact the student should space become available. Typically very few, if any, single spaces become available for the spring semester.

Theme/Greek Block Housing

To request a room change to or within Theme/Greek Block Housing, students should complete Section II of the Spring Room Change Request and the Theme Program Assistant (TPA) or the Greek Group President must have completed the Spring Room Change Roster and returned it to Kristy Eanes in Residence Life and Housing with your  name appearing on the roster. Students currently assigned to Theme/Greek Block Housing are only eligible to move within their designated housing blocks. Students who are currently assigned to, or move into, a Theme/Greek Housing Area are not permitted to move outside of the Theme/Greek Housing Area for the remainder of the academic year.

“Pull-In” A Roommate

If a resident has a vacancy in their room during the fall semester, or one roommate is leaving at the end of the fall semester, the remaining roommate may “Pull-In” a new roommate of choice rather than having a new roommate assigned randomly by Residence Life and Housing. The person chosen to be pulled into the room with the vacancy must complete the Spring Room Change Request form as the person requesting a room change. In order to complete this change request to be pulled into another room the “puller” must send Kristy Eanes, Assignments Coordinator, an email at eaneska@wfu.edu to confirm they agree to pull you into the vacancy.

Change Rooms and/or Buildings

To request to move within or to another building, students must complete the appropriate section of the online Spring Room Change Request form – making sure to indicate only acceptable building/room preferences for a new assignment. Any specific requests should be made in the “Other” section at the bottom of the form.

Study Abroad (STAB)

If you are studying abroad for the fall 2014 semester and you requested on campus housing for the spring 2014 semester, you must log on and choose your on campus assignment in December.

  • In Mid-December 2014, you will be required to electronically self select your actual spring 2015 room and dining membership.
  • An e-mail from Residence Life and Housing will be sent to your WFU e-mail account December 1st with your log on time. This e-mail will contain specific instructions on self selecting your spring room assignment electronically.
  • Wake Forest University views living on-campus as integral to a liberal arts education and the Wake Forest experience.  In support of that view, Wake Forest University has a policy requiring all students to live on-campus for 3 years.  Information regarding this requirement for students to live on-campus for three years was well publicized and included on page 26 of the 2013-2014 Undergraduate Bulletin.

Leaving Campus Housing/Wake Forest University

Any student currently assigned to any campus housing location who is leaving Wake Forest University for any reason (i.e., studying abroad, graduating, transferring to another school, desiring to move off campus, going home, etc.) must petition to be released from their Housing/Dining Membership Agreement by completing the Petiton to Be Released from Housing form.

Moving Off Campus

Students living on campus during the fall semester who desire to move off campus in the spring should first review the Off-Campus Housing Policies and Process.

All petitions for release from the current academic year Housing Agreement will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and are not guaranteed. Students should be aware that official release from the Housing Agreement is required prior to signing any off-campus lease. Also, release from the current academic year Housing Agreement does not guarantee approval through the Off Campus Housing Process nor release from the Dining Membership Agreement. Students who desire to petition to be released from the current academic year Housing Agreement should complete and submit the Petition to be Released from Housing form by Monday, November 3, 2014

Changing Dining Membership

If you are interested in changing your Dining Membership for the spring 2015 semester, email housing@wfu.edu with the changes. Please include your full name, WFU ID number, and which plan you wish to change to.