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Collins Residence Hall

Jasper Memory Ln.
Winston-Salem, NC 27106
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Collins Residence Hall is named for William A. Collins Jr., the owner of a group of funeral homes and a major benefactor of student scholarship funds. He established a scholarship fund for students from Virginia in 1994. The corridor-style co-ed building houses 220 first-year students. The basketball court, TV lounge and kitchens on most halls help make Collins Hall an enjoyable place to live.

Room Details*

  • Average Room Dimensions: 16' 1"L X 10' W X 7' 11" H
  • Closet Dimensions: 5' X 2' X 7' 10"
  • Window Size: 2' X 4', Blinds
  • Floor Covering: Tile, Beige
  • Wall Color: Off-White
  • Telephone Jacks: One Per Room
  • Multi-port Wireless Access Point: One
  • Electrical Outlets: 4
  • Heating & Air: Individual
  • Sinks in Room: Yes
  • Year Built: 1985
  • Capacity: 233
  • Fire Safety: Smoke Detectors, Sprinkler System, Alarms
  • Hall Advisers: 11
  • Amenities: Basketball court, Greek lounge, Catholic Community, Campus Ministry lounge

Hall Director: Serena, Office Extension 5930

Resident Advisers

  • Alex
    Room Extension: 7969
  • Thomas
    Room Extension: 7970
  • David
    Room Extension: 7971
  • Zack
    Room Extension: 7972
  • Karleigh
    Room Extension: 7973
  • Aylin
    Room Extension: 7974
  • Silvia
    Room Extension: 7975
  • Niece
    Room Extension: 7976
  • Heather
    Room Extension: 7977
  • Desirae'
    Room Extension: 7978

* The measurements for the items listed above are general in order to help create a visual image of the rooms.
It must be noted that every room is unique and varies in dimensions, sometimes greatly.