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Off-Campus Living

If you’re considering living off-campus, please review the following processes to ensure that you are eligible and that proper procedures are followed. If you have any additional questions or need further clarification, please review the Off-Campus Living Policies or email us directly at housing@wfu.edu.


Students are required to live in campus housing for six semesters (Fall and Spring), which is typically all first-year, second-year and third-year students. Student who study abroad during the Fall or Spring semester and transfer students who have lived on campus at another college or university are given credit for that time toward the residency requirement.

Application Process

  1. Review Off-campus Conduct (commonly referred to as Rule 21) in the Student Code of Conduct found in the WFU Social Regulations and Policies section of the Student Handbook and be sure you are willing to make that commitment to your neighborhood.
  2. Find a place to live. Check out the rental listings to view some available properties. Do not sign a lease until you have applied and been approved (in writing) to live off campus.
  3. If you plan to live in a single-family residence, check to see if the property is registered properties. Landlords must submit a Single-Family Residential Property Registration form and agree to abide by the WFU Off-Campus Housing Policies.  No student will be approved to live off-campus in a single-family residential property that is not registered.  Per city code, no more then four (4) students will be approved to live in any one single family home.
  4. Log into WIN, Virtual Campus, Your Housing using your WFU Username and Password to register your address, landlord/apartment contact information, and reason for moving off campus for the spring semester starting on February 1, 2017. Petitions must be submitted by March 1, 2017.  Decisions regarding your off campus petition will be emailed to you on March 24, 2017.  The deadline to register your off-campus address is July 1, 2017.
  5. Receive an approval e-mail from the Residence Life and Housing office. Your approval is only good for the 2017-2018 academic year.
  6. Sign your lease with your landlord/apartment complex.

Meal Plans

Meal plans are not required for off-campus students.  Visit Wake Forest Dining Services for more information regarding individual meal plans. To request a meal plan, please request your meal plan when registering your address or email housing@wfu.edu with your complete name, student ID number, and your meal plan choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply to live off-campus?
All students requesting to live off-campus must register their off-campus address information online each academic year. Once that registration is complete and their Landlord’s Information form is on file, the request will be processed and approval sent to the student.

If I live off-campus now, and have been approved to do so, do I need to re-apply to continue living off-campus for the following academic year?
Yes. You have only been approved to live off-campus for the current academic year and if there is a desire to remain off-campus, a new application needs to be submitted.

If I live on-campus during the fall semester, can I move off-campus for the spring semester?
If you live on-campus during the fall semester, in order to live off-campus during the spring semester you must petition to be released from your Housing Agreement. Information on this process is delivered to all on-campus residents annually after October and questions may be forwarded to the Assignments Coordinator at housing@wfu.edu or 336.758.5185. It is not guaranteed that you will be released.  Do not sign any off-campus leases prior to being officially released from campus housing.

Should I sign a lease or housing agreement to live off-campus prior to submitting my application to live off-campus?
No. We would caution you from signing any off-campus lease or housing agreement until you have received written approval from our office granting you permission to live off-campus. If you do sign a lease and do not receive permission, you may be legally responsible for more than one lease.

Are there any off-campus residences currently ineligible as student housing?
Any single-family property that is not on the registered properties list is ineligible.

How do I know if my landlord has submitted the Single Family Residential Property Registration form?
Please check the registered properties list.

I am planning on moving off-campus into an apartment. I know the complex but not my exact apartment number – should I submit a form with just the apartment complex information?
No. Only submit your Off-Campus Housing Registration once you know the exact address in which you plan to live. Most apartment complexes will provide this information to you by July and once you obtain this information, submit the registration online in order to make the deadline.

What happens if I get approved to live off-campus at one location and then change my mind? What do I do?
You will need to submit new online registration to Residence Life and Housing.

How can I get a complete copy of the Off-Campus Housing Policy?
A complete copy of the Off-Campus Housing Policy may be obtained by reviewing the Guide to Community Living.

I am a married undergraduate, part-time,  or fifth-year student – do I participate in this process?

If I currently live on-campus and am unsure as to what my plans are for next year in terms of housing, what should I do to keep all of my options “open?”
When you receive your room selection materials in March, review all of the information in regards to on- and off-campus housing prior to making any decision.

Could moving off campus impact my financial aid and/or scholarships?
Yes, in some cases moving off campus can impact your financial aid and/or any scholarships you may have received. Some scholarships require that you live on campus. Living at home with parents may also reduce your financial aid eligibility. Please check with the Office of Student Financial Aid before making a decision to live off-campus.

I currently live off-campus or am classified a Non-Residential Student, and want to live on campus. What do I do?
Contact the Assignments Coordinator at 336.758.5185 and they will discuss the options that are available to you.

If I live at home with my parents, do I need to register my off-campus address?

Is it true that if I live in a single-family residence and we create a “community disturbance,” we may be required to move out of this residence? Where can I get more information on the terms and conditions of off-campus housing and University sanctioning against off-campus students?
Students can visit Residence Life and Housing, review the Guide to Community Living, or examine our department’s website to obtain a complete copy of the Off-Campus Housing Policy. Students may be required to move out of their approved residence if found responsible for creating a “community disturbance.”

I am a graduating senior in May; do I need to do anything else with Residence Life and Housing?
You will have to do nothing related to off-campus housing with our office. If, at one time, you lived on-campus and incurred a bill, which has not been settled, you must pay this balance before you are cleared to graduate.

If I still have questions related to living off-campus, whom should I call?
Contact Residence Life and Housing at housing@wfu.edu or 336.758.5185.