Prohibited Item – Campus Canopies

We have been informed of a company selling a new product (Campus Canopies) and that they may be marketing to our on-campus residents. After review by our campus fire safety officials, they have determined that “after careful consideration, due to the fire code issues that these canopies can cause, such as blocking sprinkler coverage, blocking fire alarm devices, etc., these canopies will not be allowed in any student housing.”

As noted, these products are not allowed in our on-campus housing. Violations will be addressed under the Room Furnishing Policy found on page 23 of the Guide to Community Living which reads:

“Students may not make any modifications or repairs to Residence Life and Housing facilities (including furnishings and/or facilities). Modifications will only be permitted with written prior approval from the Office of Residence Life and Housing. All unapproved changes will be returned to their original condition under the direction of Residence Life and Housing staff. Students will be responsible for any associated costs and may be fined for noncompliance.”

We are proactively making students aware of this update to avoid issues in our communities.