Mid-Semester Inspection Information

What are Mid-Semester Inspections?

Every residence hall room and apartment on campus will be entered for residence hall staff to check the general health and safety of the living spaces.  This will include checking for electrical hazards, fire safety issues, general cleanliness, and other policy violations such as alcohol, drugs, and weapons.

Mid-Semester Inspections occurs the week of Fall Break.  Students do not have to be present in the rooms while they are being inspected by residence hall staff.

It is important that all students keep their keys and student ID’s with them at all times during this week.  Residence hall staff will always lock the student room door when they leave the room after it is inspected.

Residence hall staff will communicate via email with any students who are in violation of any policies. and the students will have to respond accordingly to avoid fines or other violations.

Break Closing Checklist

Residents who will be away for all or any significant portion of the break should follow the steps listed below:

  • Remove all trash and recyclables by 5 pm on Sunday, October 6th to avoid fines.
  • Take all valuables (i.e., computers, books, money, medications, clothing, etc.) that may be needed during the break.  This will also be a precaution against theft or damage.
  • Close and lock all windows, room and apartment doors.  Keys and identification card should not be left in resident’s room.
  • Remove any items that may be blocking or have been placed on or near the air conditioner/heater unit.
  • Fan coil units are to be set on 70° and low.
  • Personal property should be moved off the floor.  This could avoid loss or damage if there is an unforeseen facility issue.
  • Store all food in closed containers.  Remove perishables.
  • Turn off lights and lock room door.

All rooms will be inspected regardless if the student remains on campus during the break period.  To avoid improper check out and/or housekeeping charges, students must comply with each item on the above check list.

Entry and Room Inspection Policy

The University and Residence Life and Housing staff will enter and inspect or perform work requests in all student rooms during the break period.  Administrative action, billing and/or judicial referral may result if unauthorized items or unsafe or unclean conditions are found.  All staff are expected to report the presence or evidence of pets, weapons, firecrackers, illegal substances, lounge furnishings, fuel or other prohibited items (see the Guide to Community Living).

“Residence hall, custodial, and maintenance staff may enter assigned rooms at reasonable hours for purposes of inspection, maintenance, or to repair rooms and furnishings, or for reasons of health and safety. Students should be aware that room inspections will take place at winter and spring breaks, as well as pre-announced mid-semester inspection periods” (Guide to Community Living).



See your hall staff or contact Residence Life and Housing via e-mail at housing@nullwfu.edu or telephone at 336.758.5185.