Fire Safety & Alarms

Fire Extinguisher Cartoon


Keep the safety of everyone in your community in mind at all times.

  • Fires in residence halls occur most often between 5-11 pm and on weekends.
  • Smoke alone often doesn’t wake you- it can make you sleep  harder.
  • Cooking equipment is involved in 75% of reported residence hall fires.

For more information on any of the violations below, please refer back to the Guide to Community Living.

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We work across the semester to assure that  our alarms are functioning properly and doing what they should. 

Our fire alarm systems are set at the lowest sensitivity that they can be per fire code. Our team receives a notification every time there is an alarm and keeps an eye on trends and how we can best respond.

Your community director will meet with residents individually who may unknowingly be the cause of repeat alarms.