Living In Community FAQs

Policies & Procedures

Below are some frequently asked questions we get about life in our residential community.

  • What furniture/appliances are provided in my space?
    • Each residence hall room has an extra-long twin bed (36” by 80”), a dresser, a desk and desk chair, a closet or wardrobe, and window blinds.
    • Additionally, each residence hall room – except those in Martin Hall, Polo Hall, North Campus Apartments, Student Apartments and the Road Houses – has a Micro-Fridge® Appliance. In those communities that do not have Micro-Fridges®, full-size refrigerators are available.
  • Can I add or remove furniture to my space?
    • You may rearrange the furniture, but do not obstruct smoke detectors, sprinklers or heating/air conditioning vents, and do not rearrange the furniture in a way that will impede a quick exit from the room in case of an emergency.
    • You may not remove, or request to have removed, any University property from your room.
    • If you want to bring additional pieces of furniture, these items must fit into the existing room setup. Large pieces of furniture that cannot be incorporated into the current room arrangement are not allowed.
  • How do I hang decorations in my rooms?
    • When affixing wall hangings, do not use materials such as nails, glue, wall hooks, or masking or double stick tape which can damage the walls.
    • Command Strips and push pins work well in keeping wall hangings in place and the walls intact.
    • Wall coverings, such as wallpaper and contact paper, are not allowed.
    • Overhead lights and/or fire alarm strobes cannot be covered with any materials (e.g. flags, fabric, etc.).
  • Will the University cover my property if damaged?

    The University is not responsible for damage to, loss of, or theft of property in Residence Life and Housing facilities, including in the event of unforeseen facility issues. Students are encouraged to obtain insurance through their parent’s or guardian’s insurance company or purchase individual renter’s insurance to cover potential damage and/or loss of their property.

    Guide to Community Living

  • Is my residence hall secure?
    • In addition to your physical key used on your bedroom door, your ID card is used to gain access to residence halls with card access.
      • These doors are locked 24 hours a day, but all students have access between 7 a.m. and midnight daily by using their ID cards. At midnight, these doors are programmed to allow access only to residents of the building or particular suite.
      • Therefore, if you are visiting a friend, you should call ahead to gain access into the building or suite.
      • For those communities without card readers (some Road Houses, Student Apartments) students have an exterior key and a bedroom key.
    • If you lose or damage your card, please come to the Deacon OneCard Office in Angelou Hall to obtain a new one. There may be a charge for a replacement card.
    • If you lose or damage your key, please contact the Office of Residence Life and Housing at 336.758.5185 as soon as possible.
      • After hours please contact the RA On-Duty in your community or University Police at 336.758.5591 for assistance.

    Any suspicious activity witnessed on campus should be reported immediately to University Police at 336.758.5911.

  • Can I Use An Extension Cord?

    No; fire regulations prohibit the use of extension cords in all Residence Life and Housing facilities. Extension cords may be confiscated by staff, and students using them may be fined.

    Per our Guide to Community Living,

    Only Underwriter’s Laboratories (UL) approved power strips with an on/off switch and surge protection are allowed. All other electrical extensions (i.e. unapproved extension cords, outlet splitters, plug-in air fresheners, etc.) will be confiscated and students will be fined.

    Additionally, please note that refrigerators should be plugged directly into wall outlets without the use of a power strip.