Theme Program Assistant

Theme Program Assistants, or TPAs, are theme members that serve as the student leaders of each theme.  They act as a liaison between the theme and the theme’s adviser as well as the Coordinator of Residence Education.  TPAs are charged with engaging theme members in the theme interest, planning programs and initiatives, and helping to build community among theme members.  As employees of Residence Life and Housing, they help fulfill the department’s mission to provide engaged student learning opportunities within the residence halls.

  • Compensation.  Theme Program Assistants are paid $750 for the academic year.  The stipend is disbursed in two installments, once at the end of each semester.
  • Position Requirements:
    • Programming.  In partnership with the theme adviser, the Coordinator of Residence Education, and theme members, TPAs will plan and execute various programs throughout the year.  Programming requirements include:
      •  Theme-specific programs aimed at engaging theme residents and guests in the theme topic or focus of the theme.
      • Community building programs aimed at strengthening the community of the theme.
      • One large-scale program per semester.
    • Monthly Reports.  TPAs will submit detailed monthly reports to the Coordinator of Residence Education.
    • Regular Meetings.  TPAs meet for a bi-weekly 1-on-1 meeting with the Coordinator of Residence Education.  Additionally, TPAs should meet regularly with their faculty/staff adviser.
    • Training and other meetings.   Theme Program Assistants will be required to attend a spring training session following their Community’s acceptance. Training will focus on programming, administrative tasks, and planning for the upcoming year.  Additional TPA group meetings and other events will be held throughout the academic year.  TPAs are expected to attend all meetings and trainings.

Once Theme Program decisions are made, Residence Life and Housing will contact the candidate interested in the Theme Program Assistantship to confirm appointment.