Move Out FAQ

move out update

    Returning University Items

  • I have one of Wake's bikes through the Re-Cycle program. How do I return it?

    Campus Rec will email students to identify where the bike is. Students will be asked to drop their bike lock keys at the same locations as above. Please be sure to complete the correct envelope and include your bike rental number and student ID #.

  • I have equipment from Campus Rec. How do I return it?

    Students with rental equipment from Outdoor Pursuits will receive an email with return instructions; please be sure to follow those instructions

  • I have items in my room that belong to my Greek organization and not me. Is it possible to leave those items in our lounge or my room, as it is in our housing block?

    No, at this time lounges will remain closed. Students will need to pack those items with their belongings and make individual arrangements with their chapter to return those items at a later date.

  • How will I return mailbox key during move out?

    If you are a graduating senior this year (or moving off-campus and choosing not to keep your PO box), please bring your campus PO Box key with you when you return to campus for your move out appointment. Envelopes will be available for you to drop your key in the same dropbox as your residence hall check out materials.

  • How will I return textbooks during move out?

    The Bookstore is closed to the public, but you can ship your rentals By Mail using our free return shipping label. During your designated move out timeframe, collect your rental textbooks, and take them with you. You can generate your free return shipping label at any time in My Account. After packing your books and attaching the Shipping Label, bring the shipment to your nearest FedEx store. You can also download your shipping label to a device or flash-drive and bring it to a FedEx location to print on-site.

  • We are doing pack-and-store through Wake but have rented textbooks in my student's room. Can the movers return the textbooks for her?

    No. The professional movers will pack everything at once; we do not have the bandwidth to sort students’ belongings. 

    The rental textbook company provided this update:

    “The campus bookstore is partnering with university officials to determine an extended
    return/due date for students who may not be returning to campus until Fall 2020.

    At this time a new rental check-in date is yet to be determined. The current date to return your
    rented textbooks from the Spring 2020 semester is May 12, 2020. However, at this time we will not be charging your collateral credit card on file if rentals are not returned on time. It is important to note you will continue to receive reminder notifications until all books have been
    checked in. Once a new check in date has been established, you will receive an email
    providing you with updated information regarding rental check in.
    Your campus bookstore appreciates your patience as we continue to make decisions based on
    information provided by University officials regarding your availability to return to campus. If you have any questions regarding your textbook rentals from the spring 2020 semester or
    future terms, please contact the bookstore team at (336) 758- 3562 or
    Thank you for your patience and understanding as we all work through this together.”
  • How will I return library books during move out?

    Look for ZSR book drops at check out locations.