Chapter 1 – About Us

Exterior photo of the entrance to Angelou Residence Hall at night


The Office of Residence Life and Housing fosters secure, comfortable, inclusive, and engaging learning communities which prepare students to lead lives of meaning and purpose.

As members of vibrant and diverse residential learning communities, Wake Forest students will:

  • Find an authentic sense of belonging
  • Successfully navigate citizenship within diverse communities
  • Develop the skills, knowledge and perspective to maintain a healthy, balanced life
  • Exhibit responsibility for self, others, property, and the environment

Stairway leading up to Dogwood residence hall

    Wake Forest is a community of men and women that seeks the enlightenment and freedom which come through diligent study and learning. An even higher goal, however, is to give life to the University motto, Pro Humanitate, as the passion for knowledge is translated into compassionate service.

    A tradition is shared that embraces freedom and integrity and that acknowledges the worth of the individual. This heritage, established by the founders and nurtured by succeeding generations, promotes a democratic spirit arising from open-mindedness and discourse.
    Wake Forest fosters compassion and caring for others. Its collective strength and character are derived from the values and distinctive experiences of each individual; therefore, the richness of human intellect and culture is affirmed in its contribution to knowledge, faith, reason, and dialogue. Furthermore, Wake Forest strives toward a society in which goodwill, respect, and equality prevail. To that end, hatred and bigotry in any form are rejected, and justice, honor, and mutual trust are promoted.

    For other information on these matters, please visit the website for the Office of Student Conduct at


    As a part of the residential experience, the Office of Residence Life and Housing hosts a variety of events and activities. Events and activities may include, but are not limited to, hall programs (movies, games, meals, etc.), off campus trips (movies, meals, shopping, Wake Forest away games, etc.), or sporting events (hiking, bowling, paintball, canoeing, intramurals, etc.).

    Some events or activities may pose specific risks and/or require a certain level of physical fitness for participation. In these cases, students may be asked to sign event specific waivers.

    Every residential student at Wake Forest University (“WFU”) agrees to the following information when voluntarily participating in Residence Life and Housing events and activities.


    If for any reason a student or constituent believes that they have failed to receive an appropriate response from any staff member in the Office of Residence Life and Housing, or if he/she has failed to receive appropriate service or treatment, a grievance may be filed. By filing a grievance, the situation(s) will be reviewed and responded to by the appropriate department and/or University personnel. To file a grievance, the following two options are available:

    1. Submit via email a written statement, which clearly outlines the nature of the grievance, to the direct supervisor of the individual against whom the grievance is filed. If the name of the supervisor is unknown, contact the Office of Residence Life and Housing at 336.758.5185 or to request this information.
    2. Submit via email a written statement, clearly outlining the nature of the grievance, to Dr. Matthew Clifford, Assistant Vice President for Campus Life and Dean of Residence Life and Housing, at Once the statement is received, those filing the grievance will be contacted regarding follow-up.

    Should you have questions regarding the process for filing a grievance, please contact the Office of Residence Life and Housing at 336.758.5185 or


The Office of Residence Life and Housing employs a number of professional, graduate, and undergraduate staff members to oversee the University’s residential experience. With nearly 80 percent of undergraduates living on campus, the residential community is a vital part of the Wake Forest experience. While living on campus, residents are supported and assisted by an extensive and well-trained network of staff members.

  • Resident Advisers (RAs)

    One of the first staff members you will meet on campus and the backbone of the residential experience at Wake Forest—is the Resident Adviser (RA). RAs are carefully selected and trained undergraduates who are chosen for their commitment to helping and advising their fellow students. An RA is assigned to each residential floor/area and lives with the students as a member of that community. As a Residence Life and Housing staff member, the RA assumes many roles, such as peer adviser, and community leader. In addition, the RA will also assist with crisis management issues, community building, student engagement, facility management, and helping and supporting students. As a community leader, the role of the RA is not to police the residence halls but rather to respond to incidents and issues that create problems and challenges for the community. Additionally, the role of the RA is to ensure that University policies, regulations, and community standards are upheld within the residence halls. Finally, each RA assists residents in responding to conflicts, personal issues, and disagreements that might arise within residential communities. The RA works to build a cohesive floor community where individual residents feel comfortable, valued, and respected. Most importantly, the RA strives to build a community where everyone knows each other and feels truly at home.

  • Graduate Hall Director (GHD)

    Graduate Hall Directors (GHDs) are live-in graduate students that work directly with professional and student staff to establish and sustain positive residential communities that embolden the motto and mission of Pro Humanitate through practices of experiential learning, community engagement, and mentorship.

  • Community Director (CD)

    Community Directors are full-time, live-in, Masters-level professionals responsible for the supervision and coordination of residential communities that expand and heighten the intellectual climate and culture of Wake Forest through co-curricular initiatives, mentorship, faculty engagement, and the management of a comprehensive residence life and housing program.

  • Office of Residence Life and Housing Professional Staff

    A variety of full-time professionals are available to assist students and their families with concerns, issues, or questions that arise throughout the student’s college career. For information about these staff, their roles, and how to contact them please visit our Staff Directory, stop by our offices in Angelou Hall, or contact us at or 336.758.5185.