Frequently Asked Questions

    Housing Overview

  • What is the breakdown of singles and doubles on campus?

    While we don’t have exact bed counts to share. We can share that we plan to run campus at 65% singles and 35% doubles overall.

    Students will be able to see the configurations of campus and University-sponsored housing on July 15.

  • What are the factors that made some rooms be deemed acceptable as a double?

    In considering how to program our communities this fall, we first looked at the need to reduce the overall density of our campus community. Public health guidance encouraged us to focus on the ratio of students to shared bathroom fixtures, which informed how we configured our housing plan. Finally, we looked closely at the individual circumstances of each room.

  • Will students be housed in cohorts or "pods"?

    The concept of family units has emerged as a leading public health practice for residential environments because it allows universities to easily understand with whom students spend a lot of time.

    At Wake Forest, student choice and agency are important to our community and the student experience. As we have had time to explore the concept of family units more, we understand that sacrificing student choice may be detrimental to our overall public health goals. We do not plan to create family units in the housing selection process for continuing students and will sustain student choice in selecting the peer groups and living arrangements they want for themselves.

    That being said, we will continue to explore how we can use student residences to form the basis for access to other campus services like dining or recreation and wellbeing.