Faculty/Staff Services

Below is an overview of the various services, etc. available to Wake Forest University faculty and staff through the Deacon OneCard Office.

These services can be accessed thru the Deacon OneCard Portal.

Do not use the Microsoft Edge browser that comes with Windows 10 or Safari. These browsers are not compatible with the Deacon OneCard Portal. Please use Internet Explorer or Google Chrome instead. Also, please note that the portal may not be compatible with mobile devices.  

  • Add/Remove Access

    If you are the space manager and/or have approval authority for access in your areas, you may use this section to request an addition or removal of access to Deacon OneCards for your staff or others in the University community.

  • Card Replacement

    If you have an issue with your Deacon OneCard or it is broken/lost, you will need to obtain a replacement card from the Deacon OneCard Office. Deacon OneCard replacements may be obtained from the Deacon OneCard Office, located in Angelou Hall – Suite 001 during business hours – 8:30 am until 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday. The office is closed during University Holidays.

    To expedite your visit to Deacon OneCard, you may submit your request beforehand using the Deacon OneCard Portal.

    If you lose or break your card any time after hours or on weekends and need a temporary card until our office is open again, those may be obtained from WFU Police Communications in Alumni Hall.

    Reporting a lost card to the Deacon OneCard Office (336-758-1949) or University Police (336-758-5591) as soon as possible allows us to deactivate your card and will reduce the possibility of it being used erroneously.

  • Card Request

    Using this section, you may request a variety of cards from affiliate cards to volunteer records. Please note that not all individuals may request all types of cards. If you submit an invalid request, a member of the Deacon OneCard team will follow-up with you to better assist you.

  • Device Request

    Space managers, department heads, etc. may use this section to initiate a request for physical security technology devices and/or project work. Please note that these projects require budgets codes and approval authority to initiate.

    Upon submitting a request, a member of the Deacon OneCard team will be in touch with the requestor regarding next steps.

  • Expired Card Renewal

    Using this section, you may request an extension for expired cards for both affiliates and/or adjuncts. Please note that not all individuals may make these request. If you submit an invalid request, a member of the Deacon OneCard team will follow-up with you to better assist you.

  • Photo Submission

    Faculty and staff may upload a photo prior to visiting the Deacon OneCard Office.

    You will log into the link below to upload your photo to Deacon OneCard using your Wake Forest University username and password.

    If you are replacing a photo that already exists in the system, please be aware that it may take a few days to populate through to WIN.

  • Problem with Device

    Space managers, department heads, etc. may use this section to initiate a request for repair to physical security technology devices. Please note that these requests may initiate a service ticket with our contracted service providers and as such may require budgets codes and approval authority to initiate.

    Upon submitting a request, a member of the Deacon OneCard team will be in touch with the requestor regarding next steps.

  • Schedule Change

    Space managers may use this section to notify Deacon OneCard of a change in your lock/unlock schedule(s).

    Upon submitting a request, a member of the Deacon OneCard team will be in touch regarding completion or a need for additional information.

Below is additional information that faculty and staff should be aware of in regards to your Deacon OneCard.

  • Frequently Asked Questions
    • My Deacon OneCard has been lost or stolen. What should I do?
      • If during business hours, please notify the Deacon OneCard Office immediately at 336.758.1949 or by visiting us in Angelou Hall – Suite 001.
      • After hours, please report lost or stolen Deacon OneCards to University Police immediately at 336.758.5591.
    • I have lost my most recently issued Deacon OneCard, but I have a previously issued Deacon OneCard. Can I reactivate the older one?
      • Unfortunately, we are unable to reactivate old issue Deacon OneCards.
    • I have more than one Deacon OneCard with my information on it in my possession. Is that against any regulation?
      • The University recommends having possession of only one Deacon OneCard with your information for your safety and security.
    • How do I grant/obtain access to a lab or classroom using my Deacon OneCard?
      • Access to a lab or classroom may be granted/obtained by making a request to the space manager in the department where the reader is located. The space manager will then send an authorization request for the appropriate access.
    • I found a Deacon OneCard belonging to someone else. What should I do with the card?
      • A found Deacon OneCard should be turned in immediately to the Deacon OneCard Office in Angelou Hall – Suite 001 during regular business hours or to University Police – Alumni Hall after business hours.
      • You may also send an e-mail including the name and nine-digit ID number located on the front of the found card to deacononecard@wfu.edu to alert us.
    • I am leaving the University. What should I do with my Deacon OneCard?
      • You may turn in your Deacon OneCard to the Deacon OneCard Office. 
    • My Deacon OneCard is expired and I am currently still a faculty or staff member. What should I do?
      • Visit the Deacon OneCard Office, Angelou Hall – Suite 001, during regular business hours for a replacement. Bring your current Deacon OneCard with you to return.
    • My Deacon OneCard has some incorrect information printed on it (name, date of birth, ID number, etc.). What should I do?
      • If you are Faculty/Staff, you will need to contact HR.  
      • Once corrected in the appropriate system, it will automatically be corrected in ours. At that point, we can print a new card for you.
    • I would like to place a hole in my card to put it on my key ring. Where is the best place to put the hole?
      • Individuals should not place holes in their Deacon OneCards for any purpose. A hole in the card will weaken the card and will inhibit functionality. Card carrying cases and keychain type card holders may be purchased at the University Bookstores.
      • Additionally, if a hole is required for attaching to a lanyard, key ring, etc. please stop by the Deacon OneCard Office in Angelou Hall as they can punch the hole without damage to the card.
    • I have a guest who is visiting and would like to obtain a Wake Forest University ID card to visit the University. How do I obtain one for him/her?
      • Deacon OneCards are not issued to friends, alumni, or visitors.
  • Other Important Information
    • You are responsible for all transactions using your Deacon OneCard. Allowing others to use your Deacon OneCard is a prohibited as it violates University Policy to do so.
      • To prevent unauthorized usage, report Deacon OneCards lost or stolen immediately to either the Deacon OneCard Office (336.758.1949) or University Police (336.758.5591). This will allow us to deactivate your Deacon OneCard.
      • The Deacon OneCard Office, Deacon Dining, nor Wake Forest University will be liable for unauthorized use of your Deacon OneCard.
    • You are responsible for ensuring your Deacon OneCard is kept in good working condition. With proper care and handling, your Deacon OneCard can last all years of study without replacements.
    • Any function of the Deacon OneCard may be suspended at the request of an authorized University Official.
    • Your Deacon OneCard remains the property of the University and must be surrendered upon departing or replacement.
    • Report any issues with your Deacon OneCard via e-mail to deacononecard@wfu.edu.
    • Do not carry your Deacon OneCard in a location prone to frequent flexing, such as a front pant pocket. This may cause unnecessary wear or damage to your card.
    • Do not allow your Deacon OneCard to be laundered.
    • Do not use your Deacon OneCard for any purpose other than one it is designed to do.
  • Use Of Your Deacon OneCard


    Your Deacon OneCard has your photo, name and University ID Number for use as an identification tool similar to state driver’s license or identification cards. It is your responsibility to carry your valid Deacon OneCard with you at all times. You must present your Deacon OneCard to any University official upon demand. During emergencies or special occasions, you may be required to have your Deacon OneCard visible at all times.

    Card Access

    During your tenure at Wake Forest University, you may be allowed card access to certain labs, classrooms or other areas on campus. Some approved University faculty and staff also have access to the residence halls during various hours of the day.

    If the card reader light is solid red, you will need to use your Deacon OneCard for access. After placing your Deacon OneCard on the reader, the light indicator will turn green and unlock the door briefly if access is allowed to that area. If the card reader light is green, the door is unlocked.  If the light flashes red, access is not allowed. If the light flashes red and access to the area should be allowed or if the light continues to flash red, please contact the Deacon OneCard Office at 336.758.1949 or University Police at 336.758.5591 for assistance.

    Deacon Dining

    To manage your Deacon Dining Account,
    you must go through Deacon Dining

    The Deacon OneCard Office facilitates the use of the card for this purpose, but does not have access to your Deacon Dining account and the associated financial transactions.

    You can access specific dining services by calling or visiting the Deacon Dining Office

    Event Admission

    Your Deacon OneCard may be used at various locations on campus for events such as theatre performances, music recitals, concerts, art exhibits, movies, guest lectures, intramural sports, Student Union activities, Student Government elections and football games. Some events may also require a fee for entrance. Basketball tickets are handled through the Athletic Department Ticket Office, 336.758.5614 or 336.758.5613.

    Library Privileges

    Libraries on campus use the Deacon OneCard barcode as a means of identification for use of library materials including checking out items. You may also be required to show your Deacon OneCard upon entry at the library. If you are having issues with printing, please check with the library circulation desk to get assistance prior to coming to the Deacon OneCard Office.

    Reynolds Gym Privileges

    Access to Reynolds Gym is available for faculty/staff. All community members use their Deacon OneCard to gain access to Reynolds Gym. Please note, that you get a replacement Deacon OneCard there may be an overnight delay in gym activation due to processes that take place between the two systems.

Deacon OneCard Office