On-Call Response

Demon Deacon On Phone

When offices are closed, each community has an RA on call who can assist you if you are locked out, have a facilities emergency, or need help with other housing-related situations. To contact the RA on call, you can go to your community office or call the RA on duty using the number below.

If there is an emergency, please call Campus Police at 336.758.5911

Community Contact Phone
Angelou 336.997.7172
Babcock 336.997.7173
Bostwick 336.997.7174
Collins 336.997.7175
Davis 336.997.7138
Deacon Place 336.997.7152
Dogwood 336.997.7156
GHD On-Duty 336.997.7338
Johnson 336.997.7176
Kitchin 336.997.7170
Luter 336.997.7177
Magnolia 336.997.7157
North Campus & Student Apts. 336.997.7337
Poteat/Huffman 336.997.7336
Road Houses, Polo, & Martin 336.997.7335
South 336.997.7178
Taylor/Efird 336.997.0734


How to Contact Us

P.O. Box 7749
Winston Salem, NC 27109

Phone: 336.758.5185
Fax: 336.758.4686