Winter Break Departure

Our goal this fall – what you desire and what we have been working toward – is to remain on campus until Thanksgiving. It is important to remain vigilant, wear a mask and practice social distancing even in small groups. We need to work together, taking extra care and caution, in these challenging times.

Please note, we are not asking students to move-out fully unless they are departing and do not plan to return in the spring semester. Students are asked to take anything of value with you as a precaution against theft and damage, as well any belongings you may need over the break.

As you prepare to depart campus for the break, please be sure to give each of the 3 P’s (Pack, Plan, Protect) your attention. We ask that students:

  • PACK all belongings you’ll need access to during the break as well as all valuables.
  • PLAN to reset your space for the spring semester. 
  • PROTECT your space and your belongings.

Key Dates

  • November 1: Deadline for petitions to stay for the Fall 2020 semester. Petitions must be submitted on Housing Portal at
  • November 9: Decisions released regarding petitions to stay via email. 
  • November 24: University housing (residence halls on campus, roadhouses, and Deacon Place)  closes at 5 p.m.
  • December 13: Students not approved for Winter Break Housing must depart University housing by noon. 
  • January 23: Move-in for students who are new to University housing for the Spring semester. These students will need to schedule an appointment and follow the same expectations as fall move-in.
  • January 24-26: Students may return to University housing once all pre-arrival expectations have been fulfilled.


For those who have families who need to access campus during this departure period.

What do the operating status levels mean for students living on campus?



Ask yourself: Would I have difficulty making plans to go home if I had to? Think about whether there are country restrictions, quarantine requirements to go home, flight scarcity, etc. This might apply especially to students needing to leave the US and enter other countries; work with ISSS guidance.



Students should start thinking about what they would do in the event that campus closes: would you take all of your belongings home with you? Would you pay a vendor to pack and store/ship them? Would you rent a storage unit for your belongings? Consult the Move-Out Planning Checklist (above) for things you should be thinking about.

  • Note that this level does not require students to leave – or even to prepare to leave; we simply want students to be aware that our case count is rising, and take time to think about what that would mean if the trend continues.



Students should outline a plan of what they would do in the event they had to leave.

  • If your plan would be to pack everything up and take it home with you, talk about how to get boxes.
  • If your plan would be to store everything, talk to a storage unit about how to secure it, etc.



Enact your plan (if needed).