Bed Bug Info

Bed Bugs, Winter Break and Travel

In an effort to be cautious and continue providing a safe living environment, we wish to provide the following information to help as you travel over the holidays and prepare to go or return from abroad.


  1. Please be aware of your surroundings when traveling and take these extra steps prior to unpacking while in locations unfamiliar to you:
    • Roll luggage to hard surface areas (such as a bathroom or hardwood floor).
    • Check the mattress, including the box springs, for evidence of bed bugs.
    • Check the upholstered furniture and bed frame for evidence of bed bugs.
    • Always place your luggage on luggage racks or up on dressers, not on the floor or on another bed.
  2. If you find evidence of bed bugs, request another room, location, or pest treatment for the space to which you have been assigned.

Returning from Abroad:

  1. Prior to packing your belongings, ensure you do not see evidence of bed bugs in and around your items, including in your suitcase(s).
  2. If you do find evidence of bed bugs, please contact the University immediately PRIOR to returning to campus so that arrangements can be made to assist with eradication of issue with all items you will bring back to campus.
  3. If you are returning to a location other than Wake Forest, contact a local pest management company in your area to assist with eradication upon your return.

The University continues to respond proactively to inspection requests related to potential bed bug evidence found in areas on campus.  If you return to campus and believe that a problem may exist in your residence hall assignment, please contact Residence Life and Housing or (336.758.5185) immediately.

Safe travels and Happy Holidays!

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