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Resident Student Association

The Resident Student Association (RSA) was founded on the Reynolda Campus of Wake Forest University in 1987 and received official recognition from the faculty as a student organization on March 16, 1988. In its history, RSA has tried to live up to the ideals and ideas first recorded in our Vision Statement. RSA provides a student voice to the Office of Residence Life & Housing and serves the residential student body in two primary ways.

Building Improvements: First, RSA makes building improvements to residence halls per student request. Amenities such as recreational equipment, artwork, big-screen televisions, and roof furniture have all been provided by RSA for the residential population. RSA also co-sponsors campus events that benefit the student body. To submit a building request for your residence hall or to request financial assitance for a co-sponsored event, complete and submit an RSA Request form. All requests will be discussed by RSA before approval by RL&H.

Campus Activities: Second, RSA organizes monthly activites for the Wake Forest student body. Annual favorites include the Pig-Skin Pig-Out, Great RSA Treasure Hunt, Donut-o-Thon, Exam breaks, welcome back events, and many others.

All of RSA’s actions on-campus are intended to benefit the residential student body of the Wake Forest University campus. It is a unique group of students that work together to improve the residential aspect of student life. If you are interested in joining RSA, please contact Elizabeth Leslie¬†or Zach Blackmon, Co-advisors. The RSA office is located in Benson 503.

For more information about residence hall associations, refer to the following:

The National Association of College and University Residence Halls (NACURH)

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