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Theme Program Assistant

Each Theme House will have a student leader (Theme Program Assistant) who lives within the Theme to coordinate programming initiatives and complete program requirements with their faculty/staff adviser. It is the responsibility of each Theme to identify an individual who will serve in this capacity. Theme Program Assistants are paid for the academic year in two installments – once each semester.

  • Position Requirements:
    • Provide one major program for the wider University community each semester.
    • Provide one program for theme residents and guests each month.
    • Provide one program each semester which involves the RL&H staff members in their area.
    • Submit detailed monthly reports to the Coordinator of Residence Education.
    • Meet monthly with the Coordinator of Residence Education and other Theme Program Assistants.

Download the application

Once Theme Program decisions are made, Residence Life and Housing will contact the candidate interested in the Theme Program Assistantship to confirm appointment.