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Frequently Asked Questions about Room Selection

Answers to some of the most common questions that current students have about the room selection process at Wake Forest University.

Where do I go to select housing or set my Pull-in Password?
Simply log into WIN, select Virtual Campus and then Residence Life and Housing.  You can use a MAC or PC with any browser.

I’ve never been through the room selection process. What do I need to know?
Room selection is an online process that will occur April 13 – 17, 2015.  Information regarding room selection will be sent to you via email.  You can also gain information by reading the following FAQs.  Additionally, Residence Life and Housing will be hosting information sessions in South Campus Residence Halls on March 18 and 19, 2015 at 5:30 pm, 6:30 pm, and 7:30 pm both nights.

I’m nervous about this process, what should I do?
Come to a Q&A table to talk with a Residence Life and Housing staff member about your hopes and plans before the selection process begins. During selection, bring your laptop to the Help Desk in Luter Residence Hall.  We will walk you through the process!

What if I make a mistake during the selection process?
It happens!  Come to the Help Desk in Luter Residence Hall and we will see what we can do.

  • On a case-by-case basis, during room selection, Residence Life and Housing staff may allow a student to delete an entire assignment and select again if the student made an error or mistake in the selection process.
  • Under no circumstances will a student who pulls others in during selection be allowed to change rooms between the first round of the Housing & Dining Selection Process and Room Thaw in September. 

What should I be thinking about before room selection?
Think about what is more important: where you live or who you live with.  The likelihood of getting one or the other is higher than if you are trying for both.

What if I don’t find a space during room selection?
If you were unable to choose a room during the Housing & Dining Selection process or perhaps had no luck matching up with a roommate, you will be added to the Second Round Selection list.  You will make your room and dining selection during the summer.  This will enable our office to have a larger pool of rooms available, due to cancellations.  Second Round Selection assignments are selected online in selection time order.

What Information should I have ready at selection time?
You should review the Room Type Availability List close to your selection day and  and you should use the Online Selection Pull-in Checklist which will help you plan for the process.  Below is an example check list:

 Interactive Room Selection Checklist

How are selection times determined?
Selection times are randomly generated based on your housing classification (i.e. all rising seniors have selection times that are randomly assigned on April 13 and 14).  The longer you live on campus, the earlier your selection time will be. Selection times are not based on your GPA or number of credit hours.

For medical reasons, I have concerns about where I will live.  How do I get special needs accommodations?
Please refer to our Special Medical Needs Accommodations webpage.  Accommodations are made in an effort to meet the recommendations of Student Health Service.  Special medical needs accommodations will be made within reason based on the student’s selection time.  Students with special medical needs do not get to choose their assignment from any residence hall on campus.

I have special medical needs accommodations.  Will I still be able to live with my friends?
Accommodations are granted for the individual student.  It depends on your accommodation and when your selection time is as to whether or not you can pull in friends into your accommodation.

I’m going to live in Theme Housing.  What is that room selection process like?
The Theme Program Advisers will each turn in a roster for all students living in the theme house.  The week before General Room Selection, those students will sign up for their place in that theme house.

What are Greek blocks?  Where are they located?
Greek blocks are a group of rooms that are blocked off for a Greek organization’s members.  They are located in various residence halls across campus, and accommodate between 8 and 50 members of an organization, with 25 being the average number.  No block will house all members of a Greek organization, as total membership ranges from 75-200 students.  There are increased expectations and accountability for Greek members living in blocks.

What are the expectations for students living in Greek blocks?
Students living in Greek blocks are expected to live in the block for the entire academic year (unless studying abroad).  These students are expected to follow the same residence hall guidelines in the Guide to Community Living.  Students living on blocks are expected to contribute positively to the residence hall community.  The chapter may be held responsible for the behavior of members living in the block.

I’m going to live in a Greek block.  What is that room selection process like?
In early March, Greek house managers will turn in a roster with all members that will be living in the block for the next academic year.  These members will receive specific selection instructions.

I’m an officer in my Greek organization.  Can I just live in the block for the remaining semester of my officer term?
Yes, but you are committed to living on campus for the full academic year.

I plan on studying abroad in Fall next year.  How will that affect my room selection process?
You will go online between March 18 and April 9, 2015 and indicate that you will be studying abroad for Fall 2015. In December, you will go through the Study Abroad room selection process, and will select your space on campus then, or can be pulled in by a friend with a vacancy.  Remember that while there will be available vacancies across campus, the likelihood of you getting to room with friends or people you know is less likely than if you studied abroad in the spring or summer.  Also remember that if you are a junior returning from abroad, you must select from on-campus housing.

I plan on studying abroad in Spring next year.  How will that affect my room selection process?
You will go through the General Room Selection process, however you need to think about what the spring semester will look like for your roommate and others you will be living with.  When you leave to go abroad, you will leave a vacancy that can be filled by anyone.  Your roommate can make arrangements to pull someone in when you leave, otherwise the space will be available for anyone to select.

I plan on studying abroad in Summer next year.  How will that affect my room selection process?
Studying abroad in the Summer will not affect your room selection process, as you will be on campus for both Fall and Spring semesters.

Before and during room selection, how do I find out what types of spaces are available?
Lists of types of available spaces will be posted on the Residence life and Housing website approximately one week prior to room selection.  Specific Room numbers are not provided, but instead the building and room type like the example below. Updated lists will be posted periodically.  Follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook for changing information.  Below is an example of what the availability list will look like:


I am a rising Sophomore, rising Junior, rising Senior.  What kind of housing can I expect to be available at my appointment time?
It is impossible to predict precisely and there are no guarantees, but see below for the Housing and Dining Selection 2014 Overview.

What are my chances of getting a block?
When rising juniors began logging in, the following options were available: Apartments, Suites on the Quad, Dogwood, Magnolia and Luter, and the Single rooms and Double rooms in a variety of locations.

When rising sophomores began logging in, the following options were available: Suites on the Quad and Luter, as well as Double rooms in a variety of locations.

My friends and I want to live in a 4-person block next year.  What if all the 4-person blocks fill up?
Start with two double rooms and think about building up from there.  Create a list of additional people that can join your block.  Add someone and create a 5-person block.  If there are no 5-person blocks available, add another person and create a 6-person block, etc.  You could also divide up into two doubles if there are no larger blocks available.

Can my friends and I choose a room or a block if we can’t fill all the spaces?
No, you  must have the exact number of people to fill a block or room.

What if there is no specific person with whom I want to live?
You will not be able to choose one space in a double room.  You can select any available single or wait until Second Round Selection in the summer.  There will be a wide range of spaces across campus, which are likely “better” than what you would have been able to secure otherwise.

I’m a rising Senior and want to live off-campus.  Do I still participate in room selection?
No, you will register your off-campus address beginning in May.