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Rental Listings

Off-Campus Student Rentals

The off campus rental listings is a complimentary service we provide. Wake Forest University’s Office of Residence Life & Housing offers no endorsement of properties included in our listing and does not guarantee the accuracy of information provided. 

Prospective tenants are urged to review WFU’s Off-Campus Policies.  Please note the following:

  1. A listing on this website does not indicate that Wake Forest University’s Office of Residence Life and Housing will void or cancel any valid agreement with a student for any reason other than those outlined in the agreement
  2. Official release from the Housing Agreement is required prior to an undergraduate signing any off-campus lease
  3. All petitions for release from the current academic year Housing Agreement and/or residency requirement will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and are not guaranteed
  4. Wake Forest University undergraduate students will only be approved to live off-campus in an apartment or a registered single-family residential property

Area-Apartments-Complexes Rental Listings

 Scam Alert

We have received information that scam artists may be attempting to defraud people that have listings posted on this site. You may receive an email asking for your mailing address so they can send a large payment in advance to secure the rental. They are sending fake money orders or certified checks and later asking renters to return the overpayment to them. Please be cautious of this activity. Victims who refund the money find out weeks later that the original check was a fake. The emails have multiple spelling and grammatical errors and often say they are from another country coming to do research at “your location”.

You may report this and other internet fraud to the FBI’s Internet Fraud Complaint Center.