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Residence Life and Housing Posting Policy

November 14, 2014

In an effort to effectively convey information of importance to the University community, and at the same time to keep the campus free from litter, the following guidelines have been established for the posting of notices and printed materials in and on the residence halls:

  1. All public notices or publicity material posted must be sponsored by a recognized student organization, and University department and be submitted for approval by the dean of residence life and housing, or designate, at least 24 business hours in advance.
  2. Organization banners, student organization symbols and other large display items may not be posted on the exterior of buildings without 72 hour advance written approval by the dean of residence life and housing or designate.
  3. Items may be placed on bulletin boards and on exterior stone, brick, or concrete. Nothing should be posted on any painted walls in a residence hall.
  4. Items may be hung only with masking tape, scotch tape, double-sided poster mounts, or thumbtacks and staples (bulletin boards only).
  5. The use of duct tape and electrical tape are strictly prohibited.
  6. No items may be placed on any doors, door frames, windows, glass, trees, sidewalks, railings, lamp posts or painted surfaces (including columns) of any residence hall.
  7. Students may not display items in or on exterior windows.
  8. Residence Life and Housing staff reserves the right to remove any items displayed in a common area or on a room door facing a hallway or common area or any postings that do not comply with the posting policy.
  9. Groups posting information in residence halls are responsible for removing those postings within 48 hours after event(s) is/are complete.
  10. Independent students who wish to post materials in the residence halls are welcome to contact Residence Life and Housing directly at housing@wfu.edu.

Click  here to submit a request to post a public notice or publicity materials, please log in to OrgSync and fill out the Residence Life and Housing Posting Policy form.