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Please Keep All Windows Closed

Dear Students, Due to the rain and high humidity outside, please keep your windows closed to avoid creating moisture issues in your room. All residence hall students should be aware of the consequences of having windows open on rainy days with high humidity.  When the windows are left open during this type of weather, the level of moisture in your room increases and chances of developing mold in your room increases. Facilities and Campus Services (FCS) will close windows as they go through our buildings today. FCS will leave door hangers for rooms that have open windows and will lock all…

Read more October 2, 2015

More Space for Living and Learning

New residence hall for first-year students to open in 2017 A new residence hall for first-year students is being planned for the south side of campus next to Collins Residence Hall, on the current site of Parking Lot H.

Read more July 20, 2015

Bed Bug Info

Bed Bugs, Winter Break and Travel  In an effort to be cautious and continue providing a safe living environment, we wish to provide the following information to help as you travel over the holidays and prepare to go or return from abroad.  Traveling: Please be aware of your surroundings when traveling and take these extra steps prior to unpacking while in locations unfamiliar to you: Roll luggage to hard surface areas (such as a bathroom or hardwood floor). Check the mattress, including the box springs, for evidence of bed bugs. Check the upholstered furniture and bed frame for evidence of…

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Instructions for New Thermostat Control, Adjustment and Function for Student Apartments

Dear Student, Over the winter break, Facilities and Campus Services installed new energy saving thermostats for the Student Apartments air conditioning and heating systems. Facilities and Campus Services also performed annual maintenance that included cleaning of air conditioning/heating units, ductwork, and replacement of system filters. Listed below are instructions for new thermostat control, adjustment and function. The New Thermostat has 3 buttons and 1 slide switch: Red Up Arrow – Push to raise the temperature set point by .5 degree F increments Blue Down Arrow – Push to lower the temperature set point by .5 degree F increments Fan –…

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Residence Life and Housing Posting Policy

In an effort to effectively convey information of importance to the University community, and at the same time to keep the campus free from litter, the following guidelines have been established for the posting of notices and printed materials in and on the residence halls: All public notices or publicity material posted must be sponsored by a recognized student organization and University department and be submitted for approval by the Dean of Residence Life and Housing, or designate, at least 24 business hours in advance. Organization banners, student organization symbols and other large display items may not be posted on…

Read more November 14, 2014

Students Save Energy & Water for Campus Conservation Nationals

Out of a field of nearly 100 colleges and universities, Wake Forest students placed in the top ten in energy savings and top five in fresh water savings during the 2014 Campus Conservation Nationals competition.

Read more June 11, 2014