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Fall 2017 Mid-Semester Health and Safety Inspections

September 25 - 28


Every residence hall room and apartment on campus will be entered for residence hall staff to check the general health and safety of the living spaces.  This will include checking for electrical hazards, fire safety issues, general cleanliness, and other policy violations such as alcohol, drugs, and weapons.

Mid-Semester Inspections occurs early during the Fall Semester – September 25-28, 2017. Students do not have to be present in the rooms while they are being inspected by residence hall staff.

It is important that all students keep their keys and student ID’s with them at all times during this week.  Residence hall staff will always lock the student room door when they leave the room after it is inspected.

Residence hall staff will communicate via email with any students who are in violation of any policies. and the students will have to respond accordingly to avoid fines or other violations.

For more information, please visit our Mid-Semester Inspection Page.

Contact Information

Zach Blackmon - Assistant Director of Operations