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Housing Costs & Considerations

Residence Life & Housing provides facilities, programs, and services that support the academic mission of the University, encourage community responsibility, and prepare undergraduate students for life beyond Wake Forest University. Please thoroughly review the following information for important details related to student rates and requirements for your housing needs.

Housing Rates for 2014-2015

Housing Rates for 2014 – 2015

  • Single rooms and all apartments = $4,910.00 per semester
    Includes all residence hall singles, all Polo and Martin rooms, and all apartments (including apartment doubles)
  • Double rooms = $4,120.00 per semester
  • Triple rooms = $3,663.00 per semester
    Includes all residence hall and theme doubles (excluding all apartments)

To participate in room selection, you must pay your $500 tuition deposit. This deposit is not a housing deposit; however, it (along with any outstanding housing-related bills) must be paid to prevent loss of any housing assignment selected during the Room and Dining Selection process.

Loss of the assignment for failure to pay your deposit does not release you from your 2014 – 2015 Residence Hall and Dining Agreement.

Dining Rates for 2014-2015

Meal Plan

Food Dollars

*Cost per Semester


Deacon Unlimited




Black 200 Block




Base 225 Block



Freshman Minimum

Gold 125 Block




Screamin’ 100 Block



Quad & Palmer/Piccolo Minimum

Apartment Style 50 Block


$   790.78

Apartments, Road Houses, Martin & Polo Hall Minimum

Commuter 30 Block


$   502.28

Off Campus Students Only

1.  Sales tax is charged on meals at time of plan selections

2.  Sales tax will be charged on transactions at point of purchase using food dollars.

*+ 6.75% North Carolina state sales tax

Terms & Conditions of Campus Housing

Contract Terms

A. University Obligations

  1. The University will provide the room assigned from the day before the next fall registration of the undergraduate schools of Wake Forest University, or when the student is officially notified to report, except during stated recesses of the College, until 24 hours after the student’s final academic examination for the spring semester or after termination of student status. A senior who will be graduating may delay vacating the room until 7 p.m. on commencement day.
  2. In the event of mechanical difficulty (air conditioning, heat, hot water and other equipment) or interruptions of electrical power or water service, the University will make reasonable efforts to restore service. However, there shall be no abatement in residence hall charges because of such failure.

B. Student Obligation – The student will:

  1. Use the room as his or her residence during the applicable academic year in accordance with this Agreement.
  2. Exercise reasonable care in the use of the room and the facilities of the residence halls, and know and abide by all regulations pertaining to the residence halls of the University, whether such regulations are now in effect or not.
  3. Hold harmless the University from any suit, action at law, or other claim whatsoever resulting from or arising out of any injury to the student’s person or property while a resident of a residence hall under this Agreement.
  4. Pay to the University the cost of replacement or repair for any breakage or damage to the room, its fixtures or appurtenances and a pro rata share for damages to community-used property when the identity of the persons responsible cannot be reasonably determined.
  5. Pay charges for both semesters in a timely manner in the amounts prescribed by the schedule of payments issued by Wake Forest University for the type of room assigned.

C. Refund Policy

  1. The University will refund the pro rata portion of the student’s payments upon withdrawal from the residence halls for the following reasons:
    1. The student graduates.
    2. The student does not enroll in the University for the semester provided written notice is received in Residence Life and Housing at least two weeks prior to the registration for that semester.
    3. Health reasons approved in writing by the director of the Student Health Service. (Any withdrawal for the reasons listed below terminates the student’s rights under this Agreement.)
  2. If it is determined by the University that the student’s health renders group living hazardous, then this Agreement shall terminate upon notice to the student. The University will make a pro rata refund of the housing fee paid.
  3. If the student is suspended from the University or removed from University housing as a result of a disciplinary proceeding, the student is not entitled to a refund.
  4. If a student, who is currently enrolled in the University, breaches the Housing Agreement by not occupying an assigned room or by vacating the room prior to the end of the spring term as specified in A.1., the student is obligated to pay charges for both semesters. If no additional unoccupied space will result from the breach, then Residence Life and Housing may grant approval in advance to make pro rata charges for the room.

D. General Conditions

  1. The University reserves all rights in connection with the assignment or reassignment of rooms. The University further reserves the right to close the residence halls and to terminate housing agreements at any time when the University determines in its discretion that it is reasonably necessary and appropriate to do so. Additionally, any student whose actions are found by the University or its designated agent to be detrimental to the welfare of a student living group, or in violation of University rules and regulations as set forth in the current Student Handbook or Residence Life and Housing publications, may be required to withdraw from the housing assigned without further University obligation.
  2. If a student is assigned a room for the next academic year and is academically ineligible to continue at the end of the first summer session immediately preceding, the room assignment will be cancelled. If the student attends the second summer session and is permitted to return in the fall, the student may request placement on a wait list, but housing is not guaranteed.
  3. In the event this Agreement is used for assignments after the fall semester has begun, it will be effective for the remainder of the academic year.
  4. The University is not responsible for the loss or damage to items of personal property of the student in the residence halls, luggage rooms, or on its grounds before, during or subsequent to the period of the Agreement.
  5. The student grants permission for the entry and inspection of the assigned room by any authorized University personnel or agent according to policies in the current Student Handbook or Residence Life and Housing publications. Said purposes include, but are not limited to, completion of work requests or the repair and/or maintenance of the facility, inspection for fire and safety violations, and to enforce University policies and regulations including, but not limited to, alcohol and drug violations.
Housing and Dining Contract for 2014-2015

Terms & Conditions
I. By participating in the Fall Room and Dining Selection Process, and by electronically signing the Residence Hall and Dining Agreement, you understand and agree:

  •  You will remain in campus housing and purchase a set number of meals per week for the entire 2014-2015 academic year, whereby you will be financially obligated for fall and spring semester room rent and dining services charges.
  • If you are studying abroad (or planning to study abroad) for the fall 2014 semester, and you desire or are required to live in campus housing for the spring 2015 semester, you are required to electronically self select a “Study Abroad room” and a “Study Abroad dining plan” at this time. In Mid-December 2014, you will then be required to electronically self select your actual spring 2015 room and dining membership. By electronically signing this Residence Hall and Dining Agreement and selecting a “Study Abroad room and dining plan”, you will be financially obligated for spring semester room rent and dining services charges.
  • If you are planning to study abroad in the spring 2015 semester, graduate or withdraw at the end of the Fall 2014 semester, you must petition to be released from your Residence Hall and Dining Agreement by November 1, 2014, or additional charges may be assessed.
  • If you petition to be released from your Residence Hall and Dining Agreement for reasons other than leaving Wake Forest University, there is no guarantee that your request will be honored.
  • All room assignments are final. Once a room is selected (including a Study Abroad room), you cannot re-select.
  • Your unused meals will roll over from week to week (with the exception of the Deacon Plans) but not from semester to semester.

II. You understand that failure to participate in the Selection Process will result in losing guaranteed housing for 2014-2015 and may result in the loss of you and your roommate(s) residential student status. If you are required to live in campus housing, you will be assigned to a space on campus and a meal plan.
III. If you have a documented disability, please contact Residence Life and Housing regarding accommodation policies and procedures.
IV. This section only applies if you are acting as a roommate proxy. By acting as your roommate(s) Proxy, you agree that said roommate(s) willingly provided their PIN and Password with the intention of being bound by the same terms and condition of this agreement. You understand that it is solely your non-transferable responsibility to represent your roommate(s) as requested in selecting a room and dining option. You and your roommates will accept the room and dining selection made.
V. By clicking Continue you agree that you have read and understand all housing and dining options available to you based upon your housing status with the University. You understand and agree to abide by the terms and conditions for campus residential living as outlined in the Guide to Community Living and any other applicable policies and procedures published in other Residence Life publications, the Student Handbook and the Guide to Student Government. You further understand that this Agreement is binding and effective for the entire academic year and that you are financially obligated for the housing and dining option you have chosen. Additionally, you understand if you study abroad fall semester and select a “Study Abroad room” for spring semester, you will be held financially responsible for the spring semesters’ housing and dining selections. Finally, you understand that the University reserves the right to terminate this agreement at any time if the University determines in its discretion that it is reasonably necessary and appropriate to do so.