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Wireless Router Policy

Wake Forest University offers wireless internet access within the residence halls with a Wireless Access Point located in most bedrooms.  This technology greatly improves the coverage, performance and capacity of the wireless service provided to our students.  The Wireless Access Point is the student’s source for internet and to hook up an IP phone line.  Students are not allowed to bring their own internet equipment.  The installation of personal wireless routers, hubs, and/or other cable TV or Ethernet splitters are prohibited.  Personal wireless routers may create interference with the wireless access points and impact the network performance of wireless network users.

Considerations were taken in the placement of the access points to minimize damages.  The wireless access points are monitored 24 hours/7 days a week by Information Systems so any access point that goes “off line” will be noted and investigated within one business day.

Damage to an access point will be evaluated by Information Systems and Residence Life and Housing to determine the cause. Please do not remove or dispose of the Wake Forest University owned Wireless Access Point in your assigned space.  Removing, disposing, damaging, etc. of this Wireless Access Point will result in a $450 replacement fee placed on a student’s account.