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Student Paint Policy

Revised 12/05/2014

 This policy is intended to prevent damage to residence hall interior and exterior property.  This policy applies to all students who want to paint on Wake Forest Residence Life and Housing Property for any reason (Examples: coolers, banners, decorative items, etc.). 

  1. Painting materials/objects of any kind with any type of paint (spray paint, oil based paint, acrylic, etc.) is prohibited in all residential facilities, lounges, and any/all Residence Life and Housing (RL&H) properties without properly protecting the surface on which you are painting on.  This policy applies to any and all students and organizations who want to paint on or around the residence hall properties.
  2. Spray paint is not permitted for use inside of residential facilities.  Spray paint may only be used outside in a well-ventilated area away from heavy foot traffic, and those painting must properly protect the surface on which they are painting on.
  3. Painting with brushes, using acrylic, oil, water based, etc. are permitted inside and outside of residential facilities as long as students are properly protecting the surface on which they are painting on.
  4. Those wishing to paint materials/objects (coolers, picture frames, banners, wooden cut-outs, etc.) on RL&H property may request butcher paper from the RL&H Office.
    1. Those who choose to get butcher paper from the RL&H office must do so during office hours (8:30am-5:00pm, Monday through Friday).
    2. Student must dispose of the protective material in a trashcan once they are finished painting.
    3. Those found to have painted on university property which damages facilities, ground, etc. will be billed the cost for clean-up (the cost will be determined by maintenance and/or custodial services).
    4. Any person or organization that has questions about the painting policy should contact the Assistant Director of Housing at 336-758-5185.

*Failure to comply may result in action by Residence Life and Housing Staff*