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Policies & Procedures

Included below are some vital documents that will help you make the most of your WFU experience: campus, residential and community policies, as well as guidelines for maximizing your impact as a student and citizen. Feel free to email us with any additional questions at housing@wfu.edu.

Policies & Procedures Description
Bed Adjustment Request Residence Life and Housing will provide one (1) bed adjustment per student for free during the first two (2) weeks of each semester; students will be charged $35.00 per request in excess of the one (1) free request. All requests must be submitted via THIS FORM. Request will not be accepted directly by Facilities and Campus Services Customer Service. 
For Fall 2017, all requests submitted after September 11, 2017, will be billed $35.00 per request. 
Overview for Emotional Support Animal Request Process Pets are not permitted in residential housing at Wake Forest University.  However, animals that a student requires to provide emotional support may be permitted to live in the residence halls by following our ESA request procedure. Please read this overview to answer questions you may have regarding this process.  
Emotional Support Animal Request To consider a student’s request for an accommodation because of a disability, Wake Forest University requires documentation from the treating and licensed clinical professional or health care provider thoroughly familiar with the student’s condition and his/her functional limitations and/or restrictions.
IP Phone Policy All residence hall rooms are equipped with a wireless access point for an IP phone connection. Students are prohibited from bringing their own landline due to service not being supported for the device. IP phones will be signed out to students at their request.
Guide to Community Living Everything you need to make the most of life on campus and in the community.
Mid-Semester Inspections Process The University and Residence Life and Housing staff will enter and inspect in all student rooms during the break period.
WFU Mold Management Plan The purpose of Wake Forest University’s (WFU) Mold Management Plan is to inform faculty, staff and students of their respective roles and responsibilities in the recognition, prevention, remediation and documentation of mold and moisture incidents.
Paint Policy This policy is intended to prevent damage to residence hall interior and exterior property.  This policy applies to all students who want to paint on Wake Forest Residence Life and Housing Property for any reason (Examples: coolers, banners, decorative items, etc.).
Physical Security Technology Policy In keeping with a broader Wake Forest security initiative, the Deacon OneCard office, a division of Residence Life and Housing, has been charged with oversight responsibility for physical security technology, including the selection, purchase, installation, maintenance and operation of card readers, cameras, and alarm devices.
Residence Life & Housing Posting Policy Residential policies for posting of ads, notices and printed materials.
Release Statement Every residential student at Wake Forest University (“WFU”) agrees to the following information by accepting their assignment to live in campus housing and participating in Residence Life and Housing events.
Room Reservation Request Information Residential policies for reserving space in the residence halls.
Roommate Agreement Important considerations about finding and being a good roommate.
Sexual Misconduct Policy Important information for student who may be victims of sexual misconduct.
Student Code of Conduct Policies, procedures and requirements for WFU students.
Undergraduate Bulletin Important information about WFU degrees, departments, courses and requirements.
WFU Video Surveillance Policy Wake Forest University aims to provide a secure environment for members of its community and to protect personal safety and property, assisted by video surveillance systems technology.  This policy is intended to regulate the use of video on campus for surveillance purposes, including both monitoring and recording, in order to enhance the campus quality of life and to respect the privacy rights of faculty, staff, students and visitors.
Wireless Access Point Policy During the Summer of 2015, Information Systems deployed enhanced wireless connectivity in all residence halls. This technology greatly improves the coverage, performance, and capacity of the wireless service provided to our students.