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Learning Objectives

Departmental Objectives

The Office of Residence Life and Housing strives to foster a secure, diverse, and engaging residential environment where community members are afforded the opportunity to share in intellectual exchange and broaden personal development in a comfortable environment. The office provides facilities, programs, and services that support the academic mission of the University, encourages community responsibility, and prepares undergraduate students for life beyond Wake Forest University.  To that end, the Office has adopted the following departmental objectives for students.  These objectives represent the dimensions students should expect from their residential experience at Wake Forest University.

Student Learning Domain Departmental Objective
Authentic Membership in Real Community Students will form an understanding of self in relation to others.

Students will be known authentically and appreciated on a personal and individual level.

Students will develop the skills to negotiate the balance between autonomy and interdependence.
Global Citizenship and Perspective Students will recognize difference in each other and successfully interact within those differences.
Students will understand the positive impact of service for self, others, and community.
Students will recognize their ability to be conduits for social change.
Synergistic Application of Academic Learning Students will be prompted to engage in intellectual exchange in the co-curricular environment with fellow students, faculty, and staff.
Students will be encouraged to reflect upon and apply knowledge gained in the classroom.
Students will analyze classroom concepts and, in a tradition of inquiry, apply them in a practical setting.
Students will be empowered to see multiple sides of an issue and confidently live out their own perspective.
Practical Competence Students will practice behaviors that promote personal wellness and reduce risks.
Students will practice self-reliance and use available resources for support.
Students will learn and practice appropriate and effective communication skills in different contexts.
Students will learn to value responsible management of financial resources and live in an environment where those skills are practiced.
Responsibility for Self, Others, Property, Environment Students will learn how to express their values and opinions in public and private with courtesy and civility.
Students will be empowered to reflect on their personal values and encouraged to act consistently with those values.
Students will understand the context of their actions and the impact those actions have on the lives of others in community.
Students will be challenged to recognize their responsibility to advocate for members of their community and appropriately challenge the unfair, unjust, or uncivil behavior of other individuals or groups.